Mahindra XUV500 Brakes Improved– Replacement For Existing Customers With Complaints


Mahindra XUV500, the car which has been making sales records for quite a while has been plagued by some small niggles for a while which Mahindra wants to get rid off. The XUV 500 is the company’s first offering that comes with a front wheel drive and also is the first monocoque SUV from the company. The car is going countries every month and Mahindra wants to make the car just perfect in near future.

The car has been surrounded with many minor issues such as noisy breaking and brakes lack a certain bite. Also, cases have been reported where the high-tech infotainment system of the car has malfunctioned and Mahindra is well aware of these issues. And they are not sitting idle after realization of these issues, instead they are planning on bringing in a niggle free version of the car and have just taken the first step in that direction.


Mahindra has begun retro-fitting the XUV 500’s with an altogether new break pedal and pads which would come with a better design and will have an increased bite when you will brake. The brake pads will also be replaced and the newer units will come from the stable of Bosch. And this news comes courtesy of our friends back at who have broken this news to the masses. Mahindra is replacing the these brake pads and pedals for the customers who have any complaints with the brakes, however, there is no recall of XUV500 as noise during braking is not an issue to do a full recall. Its more of an improvement rather than fixing a defect.

Every car that will be built from now onwards will come fitted with better brake pads and and a newer brake pedal. And if you own a XUV 500 and feel that you have been cheated, you need not worry and you can rush to your Mahindra’s showroom where the folks back at Mahindra will replace the older braking system with improved braking equipment. And yes, a completely niggle free XUV 500 is coming this April. And the car is all set to blow the competition further away.

Source: CarToq