Mahindra XUV500, Toyota Innova And Maruti Alto Off-Roading On India’s Most Dangerous Road – Video

Here’s a video where you can see Maruti Alto 800, Toyota Innova and Mahindra XUV500 trying hard to conquer India’s one of the most dangerous roads to drive.

Ever been on the Manali-Kaza road? Even I have not been there but have heard its India’s one of the most dangerous roads to drive on. There are certain patches that are not roads and just big rocks. Some of these patches are from the dried up lakes too. When the lockdown is over and the coronavirus is in the past, many of you might have already planned about it.

In this video, you can see three cars trying to go through this Manali-Kaza road via Rohtang Pass, which is just rocks and no proper road. Due to a massive traffic jam, these three cars opted to go through this broken road to save some time. Check out the video and you can see all the three cars struggling hard.

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The three cars here are Mahindra XUV500, Maruti Alto 800 and Toyota Innova Crysta. Three different cars with different sizes and purposes. First, all three go through a small brook which seems like an easy task for all. Just after the brook, then comes a patch where all three cars are struggling hard to cross.

First you can see that the Toyota Innova is stuck and cannot move despite receiving an extra push for 4-5 people. The second is Alto which scrapes off its bottom due to the big rocks. You can even see its front axle getting a bit loose. Then comes the XUV500, at last, which is just metres away from crashing into rocks. However, after couple of tries, all of them clear the patch.

All these cars did not have people seated inside, at least not in the back seat. Innova and XUV500 have a good ground clearance and that’s why they managed to cross this patch without scraping the bottom. Alto 800, on the other hand, does not have superb ground clearance. Maruti S-Presso, instead of Alto, would have easily passed off this off-roading scenario.

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It is advisable not to travel in these patches alone. Most of them are a bit far from the main road which could mean network issues. Also, if you are stuck alone, you might be in big trouble. Try to take help from local drivers who are usually experts at this. Be safe and in just a couple of months more, you might be able to plan this trip!