Mahindra XUV700 (5-Star NCAP) Rams Into Truck, Airbags Don’t Deploy

Mahindra XUV700 has scored a full 5-star rating in Global NCAP crash tests, thereby proving to be a SUV with high crash worthiness

Launched in October 2021, the Mahindra XUV700 has been a runaway hit with demand for this vehicle being so high that the waiting period extends till October 2023! Already, over 1 lakh units have been booked and the carmaker has delivered just about 14,000 SUVs so far. But what’s for sure is that soon, we’ll be seeing the new XUV a lot on our roads. This isn’t really a bad thing considering the new model offers best-in-class features, engine options and safety. Talking specifically about the latter, well, the XUV700 has scored a full 5-star rating in Global NCAP crash tests. However a recent incident will probably leave some of you a bit surprised.

As per a video that was uploaded recently, a Mahindra XUV700 travelling at 70-80 kmph rammed into a stationary truck. True, the speed of collision could have been slightly lower but there’s still enough damage to the front-end of the vehicle. As you can see, the headlamp, fender and bumper of the vehicle is totally damaged while there’s enough damage even on thood and the A-pillar. The windscreen has also shattered in this crash. From this, it’s clear that the intensity of the crash is something that should be taken seriously.

Luckily, the SUV protected all the occupants and they got out of the vehicle scratchless. However, what has surprised the owner is the fact that the airbags didn’t deploy even after the crash not being a minor one. The owner even plans to raise this issue with Mahindra and he feels that airbags not deploying under such severe impact can jeopardize the safety of the occupants. But actually, there could be many reasons of the airbags not deploying. This could range from something like a faulty airbag sensor, malfunctioning electrical component or even the area of the impact. At times, airbags not deploying is in the best interest of the owner.

mahindra xuv700 accident airbags dont open

While there’s definitely a chance of a malfunctioning component here, whether or not an airbag deploys also depends on the area of impact and the speed at which the accident has happened. A crash at a lower speed might not trigger the airbag to deploy and even the force of impact matters. Also, the front airbags could not deploy if the major impact is on the side profile. Having said that, if your car airbags didn’t deploy during a crash, you can surely ask the carmaker for the reason. As for the latest Mahindra XUV700 accident, we’re happy that everyone walked out of the vehicle totally safe.

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