Man Saves a Bird, It Now Always Flies Along His Scooter

Bike News » Man Saves a Bird, It Now Always Flies Along His Scooter

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A 27-yaer-old from Uttar Pradesh has developed a strong bond with a crane that he rescued recently

Friendship is the best and among the most unique relations in this world, in which there is no discrimination. Most of us have many friends while many others have animals and birds as friends. Recently, such a story of friendship has come to the fore that a man’s friend is such a bird that you can not imagine can be such a good companion. In a video going viral on the internet, there is a man on a scooter, behind whom a crane bird is flying gracefully.

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Amethi Man Rescues Injured Crane

This relationship of friendship may seem quite strange, but it is true that this relationship of friendship exists between a man and a Crane. According to reports, it has been learned that the name of the man seen in the video is Mohammad Arif. He lives in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, and found an injured Crane on his farm a year ago. Seeing his condition, he decided to take it to his home and treated the injuries and helped it fly again.

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On further enquiry, it was known that the wounds of the bird were healed and rather than flying away, it decided to stay with its saviour. Ever since then, the crane became a good friend of the man and started living with him. Whenever Arif goes out of the house for work, the stork also follows him for 30-40 kilometres. Another similar story has come to the fore in which the friendship of a 27-year-old man named Shandor Laurenti with an animal living in a forest went viral. It might sound even more extreme to hear that this guy’s friend is a 550-pound lion.

Similar to Recent Story of Friendship Between Man and Lion

Shandor said in a statement that the lion’s name is George. It has been his good friend for the last 10 years and he also shared that he takes care of many such pet lions every day and spends most of his time with them in the forest. Shandor, a caretaker in South Africa’s Gauteng province, also revealed that his friend George was born at the Lion and Safari Park. Both of them are good friends of each other since the birth of George.

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During a media interview, Shandor said that it was like growing up as a little kid or growing up as his little brother. George is like me in that he likes to be social and alone. He further said that if I go there then he will leave his group and come to me, I can think in my life that when I was struggling animals helped me a lot.