New Maruti Baleno Top Speed, 0-100 Kmph Time and Mileage Tested

The Baleno is creating a ton of buzz ever since it has been launched in our market. The premium hatchback boasts of quite modern and unique features in the segment.

The information regarding the performance, top speed and city mileage of the Maruti Baleno has been neatly captured in this video. The premium hatchback has taken on the challenge of coming up with some first-in-segment features along with a heavier body indicating a high safety rating. People have always complained about the lack of great safety and convenience features on the Baleno when compared to its chief rival in Hyundai i20. Taking cognizance of that, Maruti has upped its game quite a bit with this new model. Here are the mileage figures and top speed test of the Baleno.

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Maruti Baleno – Top Speed & Mileage

In the first video by the YouTuber, the Baleno is driven at night on an empty stretch of highway to test the top speed. However, the driver decides to keep the car in 4th gear. Still, he manages to achieve 160 kmph and with the 5th gear, the top speed could’ve been around 180 kmph, claims the YouTuber. But the hatchback is seen reaching these numbers quite confidently. However, you should stick to the speed limit and not try pulling off such stunts keeping your safety into consideration.

In the second video, the YouTuber uses the tank-to-tank method to measure the city mileage of the Baleno. He goes to the petrol pump and fills the tank up to the first auto-cut. Then, he sets the trip meter to 0 and begins driving regularly in the traffic of Gurugram (Gurgaon). He makes it a point to tell the viewers that he would not drive to ensure high mileage, but rather as you would drive on an everyday basis through the traffic. At the end of a 45 km run that included frequent start-stop and low-speed driving, he went to the same petrol pump again. The fuel that was accommodated into the tank was exactly 2 litres. This amounts to a city mileage of 22.5 km/l, which is quite impressive.

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New Maruti Baleno Top Speed, 0-100 Kmph Time and Mileage Tested
New 2020 Maruti Baleno Mileage Tested

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The Baleno makes use of the start-stop function to aid fuel economy. Also, a lot depends on your driving style. Nevertheless, this is almost similar to what the company claims. The potential customers of Baleno will be glad to know that their Baleno continues to have class-leading mileage figures.

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