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Maruti Suzuki Electric Cars To Come Soon In India

Electric vehicles are the next big thing in the auto industry and are growing at a satisfactory pace. Yesterday we had covered Honda EV-STER which is a new small electric sports car concept from the major and today another news comes floating over the internet under the same category.

Suzuki, another Japanese major, is planning to introduce electric cars in India under the brand name Maruti Suzuki. They know it well that the current infrastructure is not supportive enough for electric cars but since the government and other companies are helping promote the same, the scenario is expected to change soon.


As of now only Mahindra REVA sells pure electric cars in India. A couple of Hybrid cars such as Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius were also launched, but owing to the high pricing they could not attract enough buyers. In fact the Prius got an appreciable response whereas the Civic came as a great disappointment.

One of the Suzuki official said, “Even in CNG models, there is limitation in the number of gas stations. So it is more difficult to introduce electric vehicles in India, but we will introduce at the right time and it is under consideration,”

The company at present is focusing more on new diesel options and factory fitted LPG and CNG cars. Reason being diesel cars are getting more attention whereas LPG, CNG cars still face a hard time due to lack of infrastructure and electric cars too will have to see a tough time initially.

Renault and Chevrolet also have electric cars but they are not ready to launch them yet and it is now in the hands of the government if it can come with new inviting policies to support the technology and expand the infrastructure.

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