Maruti Ignis AMT Petrol Review – Fancy and Practical!


What is it?

The Ignis impressed us back when we drove it in and around Chennai over a month ago. The latest micro-SUV offers both Petrol and Diesel engines, which can be paired with either a 5-speed Manual or an AMT. Regulars here would remember we drove the manual variants of both the Ignis Petrol and Diesel models for our first drive review. So, now, we have finally driven a petrol-powered Ignis AMT. Oh yes, very unlike the last time, when we drove the Ignis to the lovely beaches along the ECR, we drove the Ignis to the beautiful Himachal Pradesh for our Maruti Ignis AMT Petrol review.

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Looks the Same, No?

No, not exactly the same as the fully-loaded Manual variants. Actually, the AMT is available only on the Delta and Zeta trims. So, basically, the AMT-equipped Ignis misses out on bits like DRLs and Projector Headlamps. In spite of these omissions, however, the Ignis AMT doesn’t look bland by any stretch of imagination. Thanks to a retro-modern, and a rather unconventional design, the Ignis has always impressed us with the way it looks. Its large wheels are pushed to the very corners, which give it a sporty stance. The retro touch is imparted by design features such as the ‘sunglass-clad’ front fascia, helmet-like roof and the slits on the C-Pillar. These styling cues come from multiple Suzuki models of the past. Bits like the clamshell bonnet, black A and B pillars, headlamps, C-pillar slits, all have taken inspiration from older Suzuki cars.

maruti ignis petrol amt images review

Overall, the Ignis looks nothing like anything on the road. Its compact dimensions, unique design and SUV-like stance come together to make it a very desirable product.

maruti ignis amt petrol review-images-rear angle

On the Inside

Akin to the exterior, the interior of the Ignis looks unique and very attractive. The steering wheel is all-new, and isn’t available on any other Maruti car on sale today. The dashboard, much like the exterior, has a retro-modern feel to it. The designers have followed a minimalistic approach, which means you get a neat, fuss-free design that’s highly functional. As we said, the Ignis AMT doesn’t come in the Alpha trim, which means you miss out on auto aircon and the tab-like touchscreen interface for the infotainment unit. The Zeta trim, instead, gets a relatively basic audio unit that offers FM/CD/Aux/USB compatibility. Obviously, the rather simple unit doesn’t have the flamboyance or the premium-ness that comes associated with the touchscreen unit available on the Alpha trim. Also, the Ignis AMT misses out on auto aircon, which is again due to the fact that the Alpha trim is reserved for the manual transmission models.

maruti ignis amt petrol review images interior

The Ignis is a sub-4 metre offering. However, there’s a spacious cabin on offer. Even its boot, with 260-litres of storage capacity, is reasonably generous and can accommodate two full-sized suitcases. It maybe noted here that the wheels have been pushed almost to the corners to free up a lot of space. This, along with clever bits like knee recess in the front seats, go on to make the Ignis a sufficiently spacious car.

How’s it to Drive?

The Ignis AMT is available with both Petrol and Diesel engines. Our test car came equipped with the familiar 1.2-litre K-Series petrol motor that’s the powerhouse of many Maruti models. The engine outputs a max. power of 83 PS and a peak torque of 113 Nm. For the Ignis AMT, it comes mated to a Magneti Marelli-sourced 5-speed AMT. Maruti has done an excellent job with keeping the NVH levels under check. At idle, there’s almost no engine noise creeping into the cabin. However, on giving the stick, the engine does get a bit vocal, but the somewhat rorty sound note is only music to the ears.

maruti ignis amt petrol review images front angle

Maruti has done a fantastic job with the tuning of the AMT. Feather the throttle and shifts take place at 2,000 RPM, which helps improve the fuel efficiency. With a hard foot, the transmission holds on to every gear till almost redline. Much like most other AMTs we have sampled, here, too gearshifts are not seamless. However, we’re happy about the fact that the shifts aren’t jerky and on most occasions, one won’t mind the slight pause between the gearshifts. Overtaking is fairly easy, as the gearbox is quick to downshift on sensing a bigger throttle input. We drove our test car in traffic-infested streets of Gurgaon, on the splendid expressway between NCR and Chandigarh, and even on some rather treacherous B-roads of Himachal. And throughout the journey, the AMT didn’t give us even a single reason to complain about.

Over the Bumps and Around the Corners?

Much like most modern-day Marutis, the Ignis is pretty softly sprung. At low speeds, the Ignis offers a really comfortable ride. It can gobble up most of the speed humps and craters with ease and the passengers hardly ever complain of discomfort. At high speeds, however, things change drastically, which has much to do with the low kerb weight and a relatively short wheelbase. Even the high speed stability is nothing to write home about. That said, one can still cruise at 100-110 KMPH on the highway without much of a worry. The Ignis comes with a light steering that offers little in terms of feedback. It does weigh up a bit at high speeds, but that’s still not enough to offer a sporty driving experience. Inside cities, however, the light steering, coupled with compact dimensions, helps you make your way through the nightmarish traffic.

maruti ignis amt petrol review images front-angle-action

Should I Buy One?

Depends, really. There’s definitely enough going for the Ignis, but what’s important to note here is the fact that Maruti offers an AMT on both Diesel and Petrol engine variants. So, those with long commutes and frequent intercity runs should consider the Diesel-sipping Ignis in interest of low running costs. The Ignis AMT Petrol, on the other hand, makes for a very good urban runabout that can also turn out to be a sufficiently comfortable companion on occasional weekend getaways. The only real complain we really have here is that the Ignis AMT can’t be bought in the top-spec Alpha trim.

maruti ignis petrol amt images review

Maruti Ignis AMT Petrol Review – Specifications

Engine Type/ Displacement 1.2 L Petrol
Power 83 PS
Torque 113 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed AMT

Like the Petrol model, the Ignis AMT comes with a 1.2 L petrol engine that’s high on refinement and frugality. It boasts the same specifications as the manual transmission models of the Maruti Ignis petrol. For the AMT variant, however, the Ignis comes with a 5-speed AMT.

Maruti Ignis AMT Petrol Review – Images

So, what do you say about our Maruti Ignis AMT Petrol review? Do let us know by sharing your views in the comments section below. Also, stay tuned for more such test drive reviews.

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  1. It is discouraging that the high end variants are not offered with AMT. I strongly feel that AMT is a luxury feature, so why not touchscreen infotainment, climate control air conditioner and other features are missing for AMT seekers. At least these features should be offered as an optional. I believe AMT seekers are front seat owners and require comfort. If the car is for a paid driver to drive why AMT is required?

  2. Well I booked one and for the very same reason of no AMT in top trim cancelled it! Hope they don’t make the same mistake in new swift

  3. Have recently bought delta amt petrol…
    M satisfied with the products. Only missing is creep function which is most requiredduring slopes & inclines…i hope nexa engineers consider necessary changes

  4. I purchased Zeta Ignis petrol with AMT in March 2017
    Well it is good product enjoying driving. But Maruti could have added few more luxeries for on road price of 7.6 lakhs in Thane Maharashtra.
    The average claimed by Maruti is yet to be confirmed. But overall good mini suv with good leg & boot is a praise by other car owners driving closely on road but their face gets soared after knowing on road price

  5. I am having AMTDelta Petrol vehicle.
    I am really happy with the performance of the vehicle.The vehicle has run about 850-900km.The only grouse at present is the fuel efficiency which I am getting around 13kmph at present.Hope it will improve after sometime

  6. I bought this one and have nothing to complain about. Loved the customisations they’ve provided!

  7. I have bought an amt petrol, there is lot of drag when the vehicle changes the gear, it’s almost like there is a sudden jerk and vwhicle stops for a second before it moves to higher gear , for this reason I would never recommend anyone to buy the amt version, other features are in line with the new gen vehicles

  8. That’s an issue with most AMT vehicles. It’s not unique to the Ignis. It’s a characteristic of the AMT gearbox

  9. Have purchased an alpha model its a beautiful car drives wonderfully and loaded with all the good features and is a GEM have taken it for long drives too gives a wonderful punch and drives smoothly over potholes and curves all the customisations and featurs add to as the icing on the cake

  10. Hey i have test driven and booked a DeltaAMT petrol … I feel creep function is there and it’s working … Correct me if i am wrong . Some one in comments complained no creep function??

  11. i Have purchased an Alpha Petrol model and its a look wise beautiful design car, drives wonderfully and loaded with all the good features and is a GEM have taken it for long drives too gives a wonderful punch and drives smoothly and attract everybody on road.


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