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Maruti Suzuki India Limited Updated Official Logo

Maruti Suzuki is number one player in passenger cars in India and holds nearly half of the market share in the passenger cars in India. Specially the small cars segment which is the king of all automobile segments in India. Maruti Suzuki India limited has created a strong brand value over the past decades in India. The brand value and reliability of Maruti is one of the major factors of the success of Maruti. For any corporation to be recognized well, brand identity plays an important role. Maruti Suzuki has recently modified their official logo to a new modern looking logo without loosing on any of the elements of the old Logo. Below you can see the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd new and Old Logo.


  Maruti Suzuki New Logo


Maruti Suzuki Old Logo

As you can observe, the new Logo has the previous elements of design and font retained with some more colors and new arrangement of the words. The new logo looks more refreshed and modern compared to the old one. What do you think? You like the new one better or the old one?

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