Maruti Suzuki Gujarat Plant With 20 Lakhs Cars Production Annual Capacity

Maruti Suzuki is seriously considering to set up its third production plant state of Gujarat outside of Haryana. In Haryana, Maruti has its plant in Gurgaon and Manesar. The third plant at Gujarat is under serious consideration and planning phase. As per the official statement of the MSIL Chairman Mr. R C Bhargav, there will be a phased implementation of setting up a plant at Gujarat. Gujarat is a favorable location for Maruti because of the state policies, closeness to ports which reduce the logistics costs for export of cars and a well developed industrial eco-system in Gujarat.


Maruti will spend a total of Rs. 12000 Crores to develop this plant to its full capacity in the coming years. In first phase, which will be executed in next 5 years (by 2016), the company will spend Rs. 6000 Crores to develop a capacity of 10 Lakh (1 million) cars per year. The development will also include vendor development for supplying parts needed for production.

In the second phase, which will take place in the subsequent years, the plant will be further developed to deliver its full capacity of 20 Lakh cars (2 million cars) per year from the Gujarat Facility which will be the highest capacity of any single Maruti Plant in India.

Maruti also plans to set up skill development centers in Gujarat near the project site to run special programs for the local residents and give them priority in employment in the plant as Maruti needs high manpower in its plants. Lets see how this plan shapes up in the year to come.

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