Maruti Suzuki Hybrid Small Car for India


Maruti Suzuki is working over the first small hybrid car for India that would be offered in both petrol as well as electric mode. The concept is still in its initial stage but the progress was confirmed by senior officials of Maruti. The project is being carried out in association with Suzuki Japan’s engineers. Although no specific time or date has yet been specified for the project but the word is out that the largest car maker of India is earnestly looking into launching this hybrid car in Indian auto market.

Maruti thinks that electric cars have great scope on Indian roads. The thought seems quite intriguing considering that Maruti is one company that never showed much interest in electric cars concept. Although their opinion about electric cars has not changed but they are adamant to provide fuel as well as electric option in their hybrid cars.

Maruti Hybrid Car

Small hybrid already seems to be talk of the town as evident form the latest picks for the upcoming Union Budget the ministry of heavy industry is planning to invest around Rs.6000 crores for development of small hybrid cars. The ministry also plans to provide a considerable reduction on import taxes levied on imported machines and car parts in respect to hybrid vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki Hybrid Car India

The biggest challenge that lies in front of Maruti is providing the hybrid at affordable prices. And how Maruti will cope with this issue that is yet to wait and watch. We hope to see some more details on the same in the 2014 Auto Expo in New Delhi, maybe a prototype or a showcase of the upcoming plug-in Hybrid from Maruti Suzuki India.

Maruti Suzuki Hybrid Concept

Going back in our memories, we have seen a Maruti SX4 Hybrid concept at the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi which was Maruti’s showcase for their future vision.

via- Moneycontrol