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Updated- Why New Maruti Swift Brakes Don’t Work At Low Speeds?

Maruti Suzuki India launched its one of the most popular cars Maruti Swift 2011 new model in India around mid of 2011 and since then it is selling like hot cakes. Its one of of the highest selling car from Maruti Suzuki’s stable specially the diesel engine models of Maruti Swift which are popular for their high mileage, sporty looks and sharp handling characteristics. But one of the problems which has been talked about by many customers of new Swift on various forums and websites it related to a serious issue with braking.

The problem as described by many of the owners is –

When driving new Swift in very slow or bumper to bumper traffic, running in first gear (or reverse) on half clutch (typically under 10 KMPH), the brake pedal of the car becomes hard after pressing them 2 or 3 times. When the brake pedal becomes hard, the brakes become ineffective.

The problem comes when the speed of the car is very slow and the clutch is half-pressed, which is very common in congested city traffic in bumper to bumper situation in many Indian cities. So far, hundreds of such incidents are reported by various owners across India (which is a small percentage considering the sales volumes of this car). Many of the customers also say that they have reported this problem many a timed to authorized service centers, customer care centers of Maruti etc. and the problem still remains. Some service centers did replace the booster and brake cylinders for some of these cars, but the problem is still there with these cars with problems.

Maruti Swift Alpha Special Edition VXi Petrol

The toughest part of this situation is that Maruti Suzuki has not said anything about it officially and is trying not to come out and say anything or admitting that there is something wrong. While the speeds at which this problem comes are not too dangerous, but still brakes is a function which can not be compromised on at any speed.

Possible Reasons Behind Brakes Not Working On New Swifts

Since this problem appears only when the engine is running very slow on RPM levels and in half-clutch situation, the main reason for this problem seems to be the lack for vacuum in the brake boosters. In a power brakes system, there is a vacuum booster which is used for adding the braking force. When the engine is running at too low RPMs, the vacuum may drop in just 2 to 3 brake applications and may not be restored because of which the brakes become too hard and ineffective.

Now this cause of loss in vacuum maybe related to many possible problems which only Maruti Suzuki can tell accurately by investigating the cars with problems, however, Maruti seems to be defending itself. Authorized service center staff and advisors are suggesting customers to not drive their car on half clutch and rather depress the clutch completely while braking at very low speeds. This maybe a workaround, but does not seem to be the solution of the problem.

Since there is no governing body in India for safety control of the automobiles, SIAM has set up a Voluntary Recall Policy recently for Indian automobile makers, but Indian car makers don’t seem to be too willing to acknowledge the problems and call it a recall. We hope that Maruti Suzuki India will listen to the customers with such problems and will come out with a solution soon. We will keep you posted on the same, stay tuned to Car Blog India.

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Updated on 3 August 2012:

Maruti Suzuki Swift India official Facebook Fan page has come out and publicly stated in a status update that Braking problem in the new Swift is not a defect or problem, rather it is a wrong way of driving. In their status update, they quoted:

If you have experienced hardness in the brake at very low speed of 5km/hr or less, that may be on account of driving in half clutch and pressing the brake to control speed, which results in engine RPM falling below ‘Idle RPM’ with brakes dragging the engine causing loss of vacuum to the brake. However the brake is fully functional during such time as well, irrespective of hardness of pedal. For optimum braking results we advise you to apply the brakes first followed by pressing the clutch fully.

It added:

If you have habit of pressing the clutch half way and and your brakes harden, then press the clutch fully once and release it slowly, the brake will again be effective. However it is recommended not to drive car with half clutch pressed for better performance of the vehicle.

Maruti Swift Official Page Update On Braking-1

Does this mean that Maruti Suzuki is firm on their stand that the problem faced by new Maruti Swift owners is not actually a defect but a bad driving practice? Do you agree with the above explanation by Maruti Suzuki? Do share your opinion with us using the comments below.

Updated on 13 September 2012:

Maruti Suzuki has come out with a solution, updates here – New Maruti Swift Brakes Problem Solved By ECU Software Upgrade