Maruti Swift Diesel EGR System Problem Reported


There have been a problems reported with the EGR valve of Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi. This problems was related to the carbon deposits on and around the EGR valve, EGR cooler and some more components. The problem might have arised because of poor quality of fuel or adulterated fuel or maybe some other technical reasons or malfunction. The reasons are not very clear but the solution is clear enough, that is cleaning of the EGR assembly of its carbon deposits. Below is some explanation of the problem.


This cleaning is scheduled anyways at 30000 KM of running of vehicle as scheduled maintenance, but for the vehicle in question, this problem came after 19000 Km of driving.

Problems with Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi EGR System

Major Symptoms of EGR system malfunction in Swift

  • SVS light does not go off after 4 seconds of turning on the ignition.
  • MIL light does not go off after starting the engine.
  • No noticeable change in the engine’s performance.

What is EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation ?

An EGR system is a device that is installed in the hood near the engine of the car and its basic function is to recalculate the exhaust gases through this system in order to reduce NOx emissions.

Working of EGR system

The  working is very simple as the device is programmed to recirculate small amounts of cooled exhaust gases through the intake manifold. This additional cooled gas enters the Intake manifold along with the fresh charge and when combustion takes place the unburnt matter resent in the cooled exhaust gas also gets burnt thereby reducing unburnt pollutants which eventually on emission affect the nearby environment.

Technical Explanation Of EGR

The EGR system consists a bunch of components and talking about the major ones we include the EGR Valve, An Electronic Actuator and an Electronic Control Unit(ECU). The EGR valve consists of two passages one exhaust passage running into it, and an intake passage running out from it. The valve is controlled by the electronic actuator which in turn is connected to the ECU. A few parameters are considered while actuating the valve which include the engine RPM, coolant temperature etc. The ECU tracks the various parameters and analyses them and when there is a need to open the EGR valve the ECU sends commands to the electronic actuator which opens the valve at appropriate times.

Tips To Avoid Engine Problems

Although I am not sure or have any official data to claim this, but i personally think that this problem might have been because of adulterated fuel. There is not much that we can do about it, but as a precaution, try to get your fuel from a reliable Fuel Station and demand for a quality check if you are not sure of the quality. Second thing is always get your vehicle service on due time / distance to avoid any break-downs. Always Drive responsibly, Happy Driving 🙂

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Source – Debashis’s Blog