National Road Safety Mission From Maruti Suzuki Reaches 500,000 Trainee Milestone


Maruti Suzuki is one of the most successful brands and the very first to start road safety training programs here in India. Launched back in December 2008, the company had set a target of training 500,000 people in a span of three years and finally it has successfully done it.

The company started conducting its training programs at two Institutes of Driving Training and Research (IDTR) in Delhi and 50 Maruti Driving Schools (MDS) across the country. Meanwhile the company also focused on getting engaged in talks with respective state governments for the availability of more IDTRs and eventually now it has access to 6 IDTRs. Besides these IDTRs the company also also expanded its chain of Driving Schools from 50 to 192 and it wishes to take it further to 400 by 2014.

Maruti Suzuki Driving School

As per the company’s promise, out of 500,000, 147,000 trained people are from underprivileged sections of the society.

Mr. Mayank Pareek, Managing Executive Office, Marketing & Sales, said, “The milestone of training 500,000 people in safe driving, is only a humble beginning, compared to the scale of the issue. The scale can be gauged from the latest report compiled by International Road Federation, which states that India loses close to about Rs.100,000 Crore every year in road accidents. In terms of fatalities, around 160,000 lives are lost annually in road accidents. As the automobile sector continues to grow, there is a need to bring in high quality training institutes, which help institutionalize high `quality training’ on road safety. This requires a 360-degree approach and involvement of several bodies. We hope to be the catalyst for other organizations to join the road safety efforts.”

The company is very keen on expanding its training program so that it reaches to a larger section of the nation and encourage road safety.

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