Maruti Suzuki Producing 1 Lakh Cars Every Month !


Year 2010 has been a milestone for Maruti Suzuki India Ltd for producing 10 Lakh cars in one year, but this doesn’t stop Maruti from targeting even higher sales numbers. Predicting the future sales figures to cross 12 Lakh (1.2 Million) cars in the coming financial year, Maruti has already been producing over 1 Lakh cars every month for past 5 months. The production takes place at the Gurgaon and Manesar plant of Maruti. Another unit is being built at Manesar which will be operational in the year 2012 which will further boost the production capacity by Maruti to meet the expected rise in demand of Maruti car by then. Also Maruti is working on creating Stockyards over 25 locations in India to smoothen the distribution and reduce waiting time of the cars to be delivered to the car buyers.


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