Maruti Wagon Rear Ends Skoda Kushaq – See Damage

We keep coming across minor collisions on the roads almost every day. However, we could conclude the safety prowess of cars using the performance in such real-life situations with regards to the build quality.

In the latest incident, a Maruti WagonR tail ends a Skoda Kushaq SUV putting the build quality of the latter to test. Kushaq has not yet been crash-tested by GNCAP which leaves some potential buyers confused about its build. But being a Skoda product under the VW Group, it is safe to assume that it will bring a respectable rating when GNCAP decides to crash test it. Until then, we will have to guess its strengths through these unfortunate incidents on the highways.

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WagonR Tests Build Quality of Kushaq

The video clip has been shared by the owner with the YouTuber who keeps posting such content to raise awareness among the potential buyers about the relevance of buying cars with high safety ratings. According to the details in the video, this event took place on the Delhi-Ambala highway. The footage is recorded by the dashcam of the Kushaq. The driver is seen overtaking a truck when a tempo appears parked in the middle of the lane. As a result, the Kushaq driver had to apply brakes suddenly. However, the driver in WagonR behind the Kushaq was not able to react in time and ended up hitting the SUV from behind.

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Now, thankfully, no one was injured in this incident as the impact was not that forceful. Nevertheless, the Kushaq is seen with a minor scratch on its rear bumper. The skid plate area beneath the bumper is also affected a bit. But no major dent is visible on the SUV. On the other hand, the same can’t be said about the WagonR. The bonnet of the hatchback is crumpled, the radiator grille has deformed and the bumper is damaged as well. There might be damage inside the engine bay too.

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WagonR Build Quality Kushaq
WagonR Tests Build Quality of Kushaq

While this may not qualify as an official test, it certainly indicates the kind of performance we could look forward to once the Kushaq is sent for the GNCAP test. What do you think the Kushaq will score in the crash test?

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