Mercedes-Benz A- Class Launch In India – Price and Full Specifications


Mercedes-Benz is a well renowned global brand which has maintained its standard for quite a while and will maintain, since its Indian line-up has a lot to offer to the customers and will add yet another car very soon, the A-Class. The A-Class is an entry level car that the brand intends to launch in a segment still untouched which will comprise of Volkswagen Beetle and others if launched. The car will compete with the Audi A1 which is also coming to India soon.


Mercedes-Benz A-Class Features

The car is luxurious yet it doesn’t make you feel as if you are travelling in a luxurious one. The car also has tendency of rolling due to a shorter wheel-base and relatively tall body. It also surrenders to under-steer conditions and the steering isn’t promising as well eventually showing a loss of firmness over uneven surfaces and a loss of traction too.

The most noticeable thing about the car is the raised view of the road but is compensated with high sitting position being a strong point. The car has an impressive legroom and headroom and makes passengers feel spaciousness.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Technical Specifications

Specification A150 A170 A200 A200 turbo
length (m) 3.838 3.838 3.838 3.838
width (m) 1.764 1.764 1.764 1.764
height (m) 1.593 1.593 1.595 1.595
wheelbase (m) 2.568 2.568 2.568 2.568
luggage (l) 435-1995 435-1995 435-1995 435-1995
(3 doors) 435-1485 435-1485 435-1485 435-1485
weight (kg) net/(gross) 1225/(1690) 1240/(1705) 1305/(1730) 1270/(1695)
(3 doors) 1195/(1660) 1210/(1675) 1275/(1700) 1240/(1665)
tank capacity(l) 54 54 54 54
tank reserve(l) 6 6 6 6
Cylinders 4/in-line 2-valv/cyl 4/in-line 2-valv/cyl 4/in-line 2-valv/cyl 4/in-line 2-valv/cyl
Displacement cc 1498 1699 2034 2034
Motor 1.5L Petrol 1.7L Petrol 2.0L Petrol 2.0L Petrol
Fuel per 100 Km 6.2L 6.6L 6.6L 7.2L
Rated Output Kw/HP (rpm) 70/95 (5200) 85/116 (5500) 100/136 (5000) 100/136 (5000)
Rated Torque (Nm) 140 (3500-4000) 155 (3500-4000) 280 (1800-4850) 280 (1800-4850)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (seg) 12.6 10.9 9.8 8
Top Speed km/h 175 188 201 227
Transmission 5-speed manual 5-speed manual 6-speed manual 6-speed manual
Wheels 6j x 15 6j x 15 6j x 16 6j x 16
Tires 185/65R15 185/65R15 195/55R16 195/55R16

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Price In India

The Mercedes A Class will be priced between Rs 16-20 lakhs in India and we hope that the customers like the new product.

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