Ola Källenius, head of Mercedes Benz cars division has officially announced that the G-Class will eventually go fully electric but that is still some time away in the future.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has earned the status of an icon over its many years of existence and now, Daimler’s Board of Management chairman, Ola Källenius, has said the the G-Class will eventually be going fully electric. Källenius is also the head of Mercedes-Benz cars division and he confirmed electric variant of the G-Class at the Automobilwoche (AMW) Kongress held on November 7, 2019 in Berlin. This is the first time that the company has gone on record to confirm the car.

Mercedes officially confirms the coming of an all electric G-Class.

There is not much known about the electric G-Class right now and its still some years away. However, what is pretty obvious is that the V6 and V8 engines in the G will be substituted for an all-electric powertrain. However, some details can actually be deduced by looking at some other Mercedes EV models.

Looking closely at other cars which have already been announced under the Mercedes EQ electric sub-brand – such as the EQC or the EQS – the electric G-Class could be called the EQG and will get its own bespoke styling. The EQG will most likely come with four-wheel drive, being powered by two electric motors placed on either axles – one on the front and one on the rear.

Although Mercedes hasn’t talked anything about the specs, it will most likely be more powerful and torqueir than the petrol/diesel powered G-Class. The current G 350 d produces 286hp and 600Nm of torque. Achieving high horsepower and torque figures for EVs aren’t so much of a challenger anymore and it will also need the extra power as it will be considerably heavier.

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The new car could have a range of something between 400 km to about 600 km for the long range. However, the new electric G-Class will be much more expensive than the current G-Class. i.e, if it uses some extra performance. That is because the G-Class is a heavy-set car and it will need a bigger and pricier battery pack, thus increasing overall costs. Mercedes has not specified a launch date for the new car, saying only that it is “a long way in the future.”

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Mercedes recently launched the G 350 d in India. This is the first time that Mercedes has brought a non-AMG G-Class to India and its has been priced at Rs. 1.5 crores, ex-showroom. Mercedes has always sold the G63 AMG version of the G-Class in India but guess what, even in its base guise, the Mercedes G 350 d is already sold out for this year in India.