Mercedes Benz C Class 2012 New Models Launch In India In July 2011


Mercedes Benz is about to launch their new C-Class Sedans in India in July 2011. The next generation Mercedes C Class has over 2000 new parts compared to the old Merc C Class and is more aerodynamic and lighter in weight compared to the old generations. The new C class is undergoing final certifications with the ARAI in India after which it will be officially launched in India. The details of models to be launched in India is not disclosed as yet. The new C-Class has many intelligent features to enhance the performance, efficiency as well as safety of the car.


The new C Class will also have modern entertainment and navigation systems built in with the new car. More details will emerge soon when the official information is released. We are keeping an eye on the news and will update you with the happenings soon.


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source- MotorBeam