Mercedes Benz Cars With Smaller Fuel Efficient Diesel Engines In India Expected Soon


Mercedes Benz used to be number one luxury car company in India with highest sales in this segment in India, but in recent years, it has been struggling hardly to reclaim its positing with strong sales from its rival BMW in India. With a wide range of offering with better fuel economy engines, BMW has become more popular with Indian luxury car buyers. Apart from luxury, Fuel efficiency has become an accountable factor even in the Luxury segment with the rising fuel prices. This shift in the fuel prices and more fuel efficient car options with rivals, Mercedes is loosing its number one position in Indian market.


To come back with a bang, Mercedes Benz India is planning to bring smaller displacement fuel efficient turbocharged CRDI Diesel engines to its C and E Class entry level models. These cars will help accelerate the sales with the buyers who want an affordable luxury with a decent fuel economy rating to keep the running costs under control with the ever rising fuel prices.

It is also expected that such variants will also loose some of the fancy gadgetry to keep the overall package at an aggressive price point to bring maximum value to the price conscious luxury car buyers. We hope cutting down on displacement of engines won’t cut too much on the power and performance as modern diesel engines are very frugal as well as powerful with the advancements in the technology.

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