Mercedes Benz Adds The New CLS Shooting Break Concept To Its Line-Up


After the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, which drew a lot of attention with its unique design and cutting edge technology and became one of the most awaited cars till its launch, the brand has moved one step ahead with yet another fascinating car in their porch.

The new car has been named as Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Break Concept and is amazingly attractive from any aspect you wish to consider. This global major has always been in news for the top-end products it rolls out keeping in mind the luxuriousness and technology expected from it and undoubtedly the brand proves itself.

Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Break Concept

Wow is the word that just came out of your mouth, Isn’t it? No doubt it deserves appreciation for resembling to everybody’s dream car , but what makes it more beautiful is its design,making the car stand out from the crowd.


The car is a blend of two of the popular cars, SLS AMG and Mercedes Benz R-Class since it derives a lot of characteristics from SLS and the R-class as well.

Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Break Concept


The vehicle comes equipped with a 3.5 Litre Turbocharged CRDI next generation V6 engine generating a maximum power of 360HP (225 kW) and a maximum torque of 370Nm (273 lb-ft).


The car’s looks to a certain extent are extracted from SLS AMG and R-Class as mentioned above. The front “Soft Nose” has been taken from the SLS and moving towards the rear along the body line, the design turns out to be of R-Class. It also premieres for the first time full-LED head lamps offering regular dynamic light functions using LED technology and consists the popular Intelligent Light System, which has already been tested by Mercedes with Bi-Xenon headlamps.

It offers five functions:-

  • Country lights
  • Motorway lights
  • Enhanced Fog lights
  • Active Curve lights
  • Cornering lights


It has an Oak Lined passenger compartment very much similar to that of Porsche Panamera, accommodating four passengers and is divided by a center console to enhance the convenience to access different features of the car. The inlaid work preserves the 1920’s curved Mercedes lettering styles, rendering the car with a better appeal.

The car has been launched to compete with the BMW 5-Series GT and another good news about the car maker is that it could possibly launch a 5-Door or Coupe variant of the above car if it becomes popular and reserves a place in the customers’ heart.