Caravan of 15 Mercedes Benz G-Wagons 16800 Km On and Off-Road Journey Across The World Ends In India


15 Mercedes Benz G55s embarking on a 16,800 kilometer trip spanning 38 days and continents of Europe and Asia through Germany, Russia and Nepal, drew to a culmination finally today in Kolkata, India. Driving and journeying with these ultimate off-roading machines, were a group of 18 – 80 year old automobile enthusiasts who travelled across terrains and landscapes of awe, hostility and beauty.

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image – Mercedes Benz G Class Wagon After 16800 Km Trip

This unique caravan, part of the global ‘Mercedes-Benz Driving Events’ campaign, witnessed 15 G-Wagon’s experiencing the pinnacle in off roading, by setting out to conquer the roof of world, from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, across the Ural Mountains in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Gobi Desert in China, Tibet all the way up to the Mount Everest Base camp, finally concluding the grand drive in India.

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