MG Hector Owner Urges NOT TO BUY The SUV – Lists Out Many Issues

An MG Hector owner took to Facebook to rant about the problems in his SUV and his terrible ownership experience. MG boasts of its products being modern tech-oriented with an exquisite range of internet-based features. Other convenience features inside the cabin are also extensive. However, with so many electronic components comes problems and malfunctions. This is a prime example of such a situation where the owner is evidently frustrated because he has gone to the service centre multiple times. But the problem in his SUV still persists. Read the details of the incident here.

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MG Hector Ownership Experience

Ownership experience is a huge factor these days before deciding which car to go for. People have become busy with their work and don’t have excess time to spend on fixing the problems with their cars. However, with MG SUVs, there are a ton of internet-enabled features that go corrupt easily. In these images, the owner talks about the malfunctioning of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. The system starts giving problems even after fixing the issue multiple times. The next time, the SUV broke down and had to be towed away to the service station. That took almost a week to fix.

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After the second service, the car started experiencing some noise in the back. Just to fix that, the car had to be given up for 4 days, which is quite ridiculous. It is really frustrating if one has to keep giving the car to the service centre for so many days for something so frivolous. In the final incident, the AC of the car had stopped working and the owner had to take the car to the workshop. The technicians fixed the compressor and the problem was removed. Only a week later, the same problem occurred. Having fixed it again, the AC problem started after 10 days. It is simply unacceptable that a car of this segment and price point keeps having these petty issues for which the owners have to suffer immensely.

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The customer urges people not to buy this SUV which has cost him around Rs 20 lakh. The technicians at the service centre also don’t seem to have a grasp of the situation and they are caught unawares about the problems of the SUV. This reflects an abysmal state of affairs in terms of the MG Hector ownership experience. One must consider these things in advance before going for MG SUVs.

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