MG ZS EV and Tata Tiago Crash Will Make You Question NCAP Ratings

The collision of vehicles on the roads confirms the real-life impact of GNCAP safety ratings. This is one such case that will give you an insight into the build quality of these vehicles irrespective of their ratings (or the lack thereof).

The GNCAP safety ratings of MG ZS EV are not available, while the Tata Tiago boasts a 4-star score. In a number of incidents, Tiago has performed even better than its already impressive safety rating implies. In fact, that has resulted in people often calling it a ‘Tank’ or ‘Lord Tiago’. On the other hand, the performance of MG products in various precarious situations has also been commendable. However, its SUVs have not yet been crash-tested. Let us see what happens when these two ‘meet’.

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MG ZS EV vs Tata Tiago – Safety Ratings

This occurrence has been shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He aims to make people aware of the importance of buying cars with high safety ratings through his content. As per the information in this video, a car in front of the ZS EV suddenly stopped. Hence, the driver of the EV needed to act fast. But due to a lack of time, he ended up hitting the rear end of the car. At the same time, a Toyota Innova Crysta, unable to brake on time, hit the ZS EV from behind and a similar fate followed a Tata Tiago that was behind the Innova. No one is reported to be injured in this unlucky event.

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As confirmed by the visuals in the video clip, the ZS EV has suffered the least damage, both at the front and rear. The bonnet of the Innova is bent a little but the rear bumper has been broken from one side. Also, the spare tyre has come off due to the collision with the Tiago. Finally, Tiago, which was travelling at a relatively high speed sustained damage on the bonnet, bumper, grille, etc. Nevertheless, the side pillars absorbed the force of the collision and managed to safeguard the passengers. This proves that its safety score is justified. We hope that MG sends its SUVs for testing as well.

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MG ZS EV vs Tata Tiago accident
MG ZS EV and Tata Tiago involved in a multiple car pileup in an accident on an expressway.

Finally, we would like to inform our valuable readers about the importance of safe driving and following traffic rules. On the highways, it is always advised to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you. That will ensure that you will have enough time to react even if the car in the front suddenly has to brake. Secondly, driving at high speeds always puts the driver under pressure because it leaves no time to adjust to the road conditions. Hence, overspeeding must be avoided under any circumstances.

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