New Michelin Energy XM2+ Tyres Test Review

Michelin recently launched the Energy XM2+ tyres, which have replaced the XM2 tyres. The price of this tyre starts from Rs 5,900 and caters from a range of 12 to 16-inch wheels. The tyres are best suited for hatchbacks, small SUVs and sedans. So, to give us a taste and experience of these tyres, Michelin invited us to test it out at WABCO proving grounds in Chennai. 

Maruti Suzuki Swift was chosen to be the test vehicle. There were three Swifts, one equipped with new XM2+ tyres, one with worn-out XM2+ tyres and one with new tyres from the competitor. Michelin arranged two types of tests for the tyres through which we got to know about the grip, the braking power, the treading and the durability of the tyres.

The first test was braking the Swift from a speed of 100 km/hr to a standstill. To show its grip on wet surfaces, the braking part was done in a complete wet patch. That is actually difficult because tyres tend to lose grip while braking hard on wet roads. 

The Michelin Energy XM2+ tyres come with a unique tread pattern that allows the water to flow through it. Also, the company claims that its stopping distance on wet roads is nearly 2.4 metres shorter than its prime competitor. 

That Our Wet Road Testing With Sprinklers Working In Full Force

On the first round, we had the worn-out XM2+ tyres. While hard braking, the grip of the tyres was pretty decent and the car also remained stable. There were markers set by Michelin guys to check if the car stops in that gap. Definitely, the Swift with XM2+ tyres stopped well before the end marker. On the other hand, with the competitor’s tyres, there were heavy vibrations while braking and the car crossed the market after coming to a standstill. To be noted, both the tyres had already run about 1 Lakh kms. 

The second test was with the new Michelin Energy XM2+ tyres. In the second test, we had the whole track to ourselves which included a straight, a couple of corners, zig-zagging through the cones and a sharp turn too. The test was to check the grip of the tyres in different conditions. 

So, the first corner came and immediately the tyres impressed us. The grip of the tyres was satisfying through the corners and offered enough confidence. We experienced that even in high speeds, the tire did not show any signs of it losing the surface. 

Michelin claims that the tyres will offer a life of 1.25 Lakh kms easily. For most of the Indian drivers, that’s nearly 5-6 years. The same set of tyres running for 5-6 years is what everyone wants. The company claims that the XM2+ tyres last 29% longer than competitor tyres. This is achieved due to the unique tread pattern, new rubber formulation, minimized tread-block shuffling and a lower wear rate. 

So, we came back pretty impressed with these tyres. Costing about 10% more than its competitors, Michelin Energy XM2+ tyres offer a long-lasting life. If you want one, you can head out to your nearest Michelin showroom and check out the tyres. 

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