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2014 MINI Superleggera Vision Concept Showcased

BMW, at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este which was held on 24-25 May in Italy, revealed the MINI Superleggera Vision. A concept vehicle which is an open-top two-seater electric vehicle, is an amlagamation of vintage body work and modern technology driving it. Created by MINI and Touring Superleggera, the tradition-steeped design and coach building house based in Milan, the Superleggera Vision is on the one hand a classic roadster, compact and with the most minimalist style of bodywork; and on the other hand its electric drivetrain gives the car distinctly modern driving dynamics. The timeless aesthetic appeal of the roadster is something which is made for the elite and the true connoisseurs of art.

2014 MINI Superleggera Vision Concept

“Touring Superleggera and MINI have much in common: both companies attach great importance to their history and this is something which defines their outward appearance to this day,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. In this yearly event which in English translates to ‘Competition of Elegance’,  MINI Superleggera Vision is an attempt to create an elegant automobile which interprets a British roadster under the influence of Italian style and hand craftsmanship. This new one off Mini is an amalgamation of classic curves from a bygone era and the most up-to-date all electric powertrain.

2014 MINI Superleggera Vision Concept

The front of the MINI Superleggera Vision is said to feature the traditional MINI design icons: two circular headlights and a hexagonal grille define the front section, providing a contemporary interpretation of features which have become firmly established over decades. There are also striking classic sports car elements such as a wide track and distinctively curved wheel arches that give the front a dynamic presence. The classic MINI hood stripes are three-dimensionally embossed and run on into high-quality polished aluminum accents.

2014 MINI Superleggera Vision Concept

Interiors were noted to be elegant, with its dashboard in a combination of unpolished aluminium sheet centre console and light brown leather inserts. In its styling and in the look and feel of its materials, the interior design celebrates the tradition and the essence of classic coachwork construction. The dashboard is created from a single aluminium sheet and has been left in the state the automobile body would look like without a paint finish. The generously sized unpainted surfaces and the clearly visible hand craftsmanship of the dashboard go together to reflect the skilled artistry of the coachbuilders. The doors and the sporty 3-spoke steering wheel likewise reveal the traditional method of construction. The structural elements in the doors form a Union Jack, discreetly indicating the British origins of the MINI Superleggera Vision. Analoge clock, retro style steering wheel and chrome interior rear view mirrors were also part of its interior make-up.

2014 MINI Superleggera Vision Concept

“MINI and Touring both believe that proportions are the key factor of beauty, and share the same values of essentiality and innovation” said Louis de Fabribeckers, Head of design of Touring Superleggera. “In this car all unnecessary equipment or decoration is sacrificed, as performance is gained through lightness and efficiency of the bodywork and interior. The Italian touch is in the proportions and the typical waistline.”

We can admire this creature all day long but the bad news is that the unique elements of this car wouldn’t be cheap to build. Pricing would likely be around 35,000 Euros (Rs. 28.21 Lakh without taxes, Rs. 60 Lakh with taxes if imported to India) if BMW gives it the green light. The car might use the electric motor from the concept or something more conventional; we will have to wait for conformation.

Photo Gallery: 2014 MINI Superleggera Vision Concept

We will keep you posted on further developments, untill then do let us know what you think of the MINI Superleggera Vision concept!