This Modified Lamborghini Replica Is Actually A Honda Civic

The car modification industry has advanced to such high levels that they are able to create a Lamborghini replica out of a Honda Civic. This latest project reflects the expertise in the field.

At first glance, no one could be able to detect that this Lamborghini replica has been developed from a Honda Civic. The aftermarket automobile industry has grown leaps and bounds with unique products like these. People are willing to go to any lengths and spend large amounts of money to fulfil their desire of owning a luxury supercar. Here are the details of this unique replica.

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Lamborghini Replica Based On Honda Civic – Exterior

When this vehicle is being driven on the road at the end of the video, it is almost impossible to figure out which car it actually is at first glance. The exteriors have been copied so well, that the silhouette reminds you of the Italian supercar giant. The front fascia has customized LED projector headlamps, super-car inspired headlamp cluster, LED fog lamps, massive fake front vents, a large bumper with a sharp bonnet line, a sporty and useful splitter at the front and the iconic Lamborghini logo above the grille. The side profile features the trademark large flanks which were originally designed for better aerodynamic efficiency in the original model. But here, they are just wrapped in red lines accentuating the silver paint scheme.

The rear end of this replica is even more impressive than the front. That is because it features a convertible rooftop that is neatly integrated into the boot like in the original model. The design pattern at the rear is much more complicated to achieve with the exquisite taillamps, bumper, diffuser, massive spoiler, iconic glass at the boot and contours. But the car modifier has been able to achieve it with great fit and finish. The convertible rooftop works like a charm. The 19-inch alloy wheels have been made to stick out of the body using wheel spacers.

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honda civic modified to lamborghini
Old Honda Civic modified to a Lamborghini replica

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The interiors have also been appropriately updated to make them look plush and premium. The dashboard has been kept from the Civic but modified to make it look premium. The upholstery has been customised with Lamborghini-type stitching and the door panels are designed with soft-touch materials. Let us know how do you like this Lamborghini replica based on the Honda Civic.

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