Mahindra Scorpio Classic of Mr Indian Hacker TOTALLED in Accident

  • Mr Indian Hacker is a popular Indian YouTuber.
  • He recently purchased Mahindra Scorpio Classic S11.
  • The crash left the SUV in tatters, as seen in the video.

Mr Indian Hacker shares the details of the latest incident involving his new Mahindra Scorpio Classic that crashes at high speed in his latest video. With over 29 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Mr Indian Hacker is among the biggest YouTubers in the country. He often posts videos related to experiments involving cars and bikes. However, this time around, things are a lot more personal for him. Let us take a look at the details he shares in his latest video.

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Scorpio Classic of Mr Indian Hacker Crashes

In the near-10 mins long video, he opens up about his personal life. He mentions that the last month has been particularly difficult for him due to various reasons. After 2 members of his team left him, he decided to go on a trip to Bengal to get away from everything. However, he received a phone call there informing him that his brand new Mahindra Scorpio Classic has met with an accident. The irony is that the last video on his channel was about welcoming the new SUV.

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There have been not many details about the crash. But his friend was driving it in a zone called the Black Zone. It is an accident-prone area and the sign board informed that numerous accidents take place in this zone. As seen from the visuals, the Scorpio skidded for metres before toppling over and landing on the side of the road. The damage to the Scorpio is tremendous. The entire front, side, bonnet, roof, and windshield areas have been destroyed.

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It is a miracle that no one was injured in this horrendous crash. The side pillars absorbed the impact saving the passengers. This points to the rugged build quality that has become a trademark of Mahindra products. Also, we must advise our readers to prevent overspeeding at all costs. It continues to be the most common reason for road accidents. Stay safe and become a responsible driver. Finally, we hope that things get better in the life of the YouTuber as he motivates people to stay strong during tough times through this video.

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mr indian hacker mahindra scorpio classic accident
Mr Indian Hacker’s Mahindra Scorpio Classic Crashes

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