Pulsar 2012 New Model Launch Date Officially Confirmed – Bajaj To Invest 500 Crore In Next 18 Months


Updated on 30th January 2012 –

New 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS (Naked Sports Bike) Unveiled – Official Pictures, Price, Specs, Features and Details

Bajaj has finally confirmed that the 2012 Bajaj Pulsar is heading our way and it is planning to unveil the next gen Pulsar in December 2011. The company says that during December they will reveal the bike but the bike will hit the showrooms by January 2012 only.

Another statement as per Bajaj says that the new Pulsar will feature some new ground breaking technologies not currently available with any of the ongoing bikes worldwide. This is quite remarkable as we will witness some unseen technologies soon and I hope it does have some substance to it.


Considering all the products in the bike segment, some of the finest technologies come along with Honda CBR250R and the Kawasaki NInja 250R and therefore we are expecting something exciting. Interestingly the manufacturer has hinted that the same technology will later be features in the upcoming Bajaj Discover generations.

Mr.Bajaj said, “We launched the first Pulsar in November 2001 and are now ready with a 100 per cent new bike with remarkable engine technology. It is really the next big step after DTS-i,”

Speculating on the latest technology we can expect 4 valves per cylinder and liquid cooling. With no information on the capacity of the engine, we can at least expect a new 250 CC unit. Importantly now that KTM is also associated with the Indian major, the latter is said to share a lot of components of its flagship Pulsar with KTM products.

Talking on the current market share and their expectations with the new Pulsar Rajiv Bajaj said, “Our market share is going to stay at 27 per cent for now, but as the Boxer catches on and as we introduce the new Pulsar in January, I certainly hope that we will gain market share. I hope for 30 per cent market share by the time we finish this year,”

Bajaj Auto Finance President Kevin D’sa told reporters “We are investing Rs 500 crore till FY’13 for expansion. We had already spent Rs 150 crore last year,”

I hope this news is worth a celebration as the new Pulsar is just around the corner. So stay tuned for more updates on the same.

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