Next Generation Duster Rendered, Expected Launch in 2017


After dominating the compact SUV segment worldwide selling over a million units, Renault may be the king of the hill but they are not letting complacency set in. As evident by these images found on the website of Auto Plus speculated to be the next generation Duster. As the Duster closes in on the 7-year mark, the french car maker is all set to give it a little tweak here and there to keep their flagship SUV fresh and battle ready by the year 2017. We would hate to see any major tinkering with the design language of the Duster in particular and if the images are anything to go by, so would Renault. So what should we expect in the next generation duster ? Lets find out.


The Next Generation Renault Duster:

According to the rendering, the Renault Duster retains its muscular appearance. It still has an imposing road presence thanks to its wide stance. However, the next generation Duster should be even more menacing thanks to the new headlights. Instead of large, rectangular headlamps, we notice slimmer ones flanking a dark black engine grille. The foglamp enclosures have received a redesign in the rendering.

We also expect LED Daytime Running Lights in the place of the fog lamps in the images. Each fog lamp enclosure also houses an air-intake path, But surprisingly the engine grille seems quite small and restricted for that job so expect a change here. In addition, the Next-Gen Duster will also receive a facelift to the rear tailgate and the tail-lamps. There has been no radical change in the shell shape of the Renault Duster in the rendering. Retaining the bold design which won over a million customers.


Now one aspect which the Duster lacked in when compared to the Ecosport was the features incorporated and generally the whole feel inside the cabin was pretty basic.

The next generation Duster will want to rectify that with added interior space and a host of safety equipment while interiors will be spruced up and given a more contemporary appeal. As far as engine options is concerned, 2017 is a good 3 years away and Renault should give a new set of engines to the Duster which are more powerful and fuel efficient, but that said manufacturers rarely give mid-life refreshes any engine change.

Leading the Compact SUV charge in the last 3 years, the Renault Duster is a great buy but could use minor updates in the cabin as stated above. But these tweaks will come at a price, we can surely expect a little bump in the price of Rs. 7.78 – 11.79 Lakh that the Duster currently commands.

Source: Auto Plus