Nissan Car Smaller Than Micra For India and Rest of World


Nissan has launched its small car Nissan Micra in India which is doing decently fine in sales especially after the launch of Nissan Micra Diesel in December 2010. But lately, Nissan feels that there is still a segment which is of the cars smaller and cheaper than Micra which is growing at a very rapid pace in India. Nissan has started the Market study for the same and will soon announce the product development and production plans for this small car cheaper than Micra.

Globally Nissan Pixo is another car which Nissan sources from Suzuki, which maybe replaced by the new small car which Nissan is going to develop. Nissan Pixo Aka Maruti A-Star is Nissan branded small car. With its own product in this segment, it will give Nissan a stronger hold in this segment of cars priced between Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4 Lakh.



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