Nissan Micra Diesel India Launch Before Christmas – Specifications


Nissan has acquired a significant pace after the introduction of Nissan Micra in India which were earlier absent and to add a bit more to this increasing pace is the launch of the Nissan Micra DIesel variant. As expected the Diesel variant will also be followed by Nissan Micra Automatic variant.


When asked to the company officials, one of them said, “We have recently stated that the Micra Diesel will be launched before Christmas this year” Now that the company has almost confirmed the news, the car is eagerly awaited and is expected to do great as well.

Specifications Of Nissan Micra Diesel Variant

The car is expected to adopt Renault Logan’s 1.5 Litre CRDI diesel engine producing a maximum power of 70BHP and a maximum torue of 160Nm. Fuel economy will fall near 20 to 25 kmpl but the actual details will only be revealed at its launch.

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