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Nissan Sunny CNG Coming Soon- Killer Combination Of Space and Economy

Nissan Sunny, the popular sedan from Nissan India is one of the most spacious sedans in its segment offering space and comfort of sedans from one segment above. Coupled with the space, boot space and premium looks, Nissan Sunny also offers a fuel mileage of over 15 KMPL in petrol and 20+ KMPL for the diesel variant. While the Diesel variant is very low on running cost, just over Rs. 2 per Km, the petrol version like all other petrol cars costs 2 to 3 times in terms of running cost when compared to diesel. This is one of the reasons why most sales come from diesel variants in the sedan segment in India. To expand its sales numbers even further and improve the sales of Nissan Sunny petrol, Nissan India is working on a Petrol-CNG Dual fuel option of Nissan Sunny. One of the major advantages that Nissan Sunny CNG has over other CNG cars is that it has a large boot of over 490 litres and even after putting a large CNG cylinder in the boot, there is still a decent 300 litre of boot which will remain at disposal for most common luggage needs of a family.

On thee Interiors as well, the Sunny is quite spacious and with the prices of Petrol version starting from Rs. 5.93 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi, we can expect a CNG version starting at as low as Rs. 6.55 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi for the base XE variant. Such a spacious car with decent boot (after CNG Cylinder) and premium look makes a lot of sense for city commuters who prefer cars with low running cost. Also there is huge business of commercial usage of transport vehicles in metro cities of India where CNG cars do make a good choice because of low initial cost (compared to diesel cars) as well as low running and maintenance cost which makes them a profitable choice.

Nissan Sunny CNG

image- Nissan Sunny

Sunny CNG will compete with Maruti SX4 Green (CNG variant) which is quite dated and low on space when compared to Nissan Sunny. Also there are very few cars in the segment which come with factory fitted CNG kits, so the Sunny CNG option may prove to be very beneficial for Nissan India to increase the sales of Sunny further in India. We will keep you posted on any updates, stay tuned.

source – CarToq