India’s First Toyota Hilux-Based Monster Truck – This is IT

Aftermarket off-roading modifications are some of the most insane and this video is a perfect example of that.

This Monster truck version of the Toyota Hilux 4×4 is something that the off-roading community would drool over. Hilux, for the uninitiated, is the pickup truck version of the iconic Fortuner in our market. Toyota launched it to rival the sole product in the segment, the Isuzu V-Cross. However, this one aftermarket car shop has devised such an incredibly desirable version of the already butch Hilux that people would flock toward getting this gear on their pickup truck as well.

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Toyota Hilux 4×4 Monster Truck

In a bid to make it completely stand out from the crowd and have immense off-roading capabilities, Azad 4×4 has installed an imported Hamer kit. As a part of this kit, there are so many new elements installed on the pickup truck. At the front, the bonnet is covered in a chunky hood scoop, the bumper has been replaced by this customised unit that has Shark Skin texture which is scratch-proof, it has been cut in such a way that the approach angle is enhanced tremendously, there are a ton of two hooks fixed on it to pull the truck out of difficult situations, a winch has been installed for the same, there are a ton of auxiliary LED lights installed on the bumper, roof and other parts to enhance visibility during off-roading.

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The side body and fender cladding also feature this Shark Skin texture to avoid scratches for years to come, there is a lift kit to increase the height of the truck according to the requirement, stock side steps for easier ingress and egress, the alloy wheels will soon be replaced, the rear bumper has been replaced too and there is a luggage rack installed at the rear along with rod to hold the luggage in place. The protective gear around the front headlamps and rear taillights is made out of the same material as the bumper.

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toyota hilux monster truck india
Toyota Hilux-based one-of-a-kind monster truck in India

The party trick of this pickup truck lies at the rear. There is a remote-controlled cargo bed opener along with a ton of LED lights to lighten it up. In addition to that, the cargo bed is completely wrapped in a water-proof customised boot liner which you don’t get with the regular Hilux. This makes for a rugged foundation that extended even to the truck door which is attached with the hydraulic locks. All in all, this is one monster pickup truck that anyone would love to get their hands on.

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