Will 15 Year or Older Cars Be Scrapped In India? SAIM Suggests Govt. In Favour


In today’s world from automobile companies to buyers, all have become smarter. The efficiency of new generation automobiles has increased as drastically as customers’ need of better and advanced products. Whether its the emission norms or the mileage figures, recent automobile products stand up to everybody’s expectations.

Despite this the fact of the matter is there are an appreciable number of old automobiles running on the Indian roads which neither comply with the emission norms anymore nor they are healthy for the environment. In fact they also affect the sales of smarter and newer products as owners resist from selling these old machines.

cars older than 15 years in india to be scrapped

image – Old Fiat Padmini Premier (for illustration only)

SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) is concerned about this matter and has suggested the Government to scrap all the private vehicles running on the roads made before 1996. But doing so the demand for new eco-friendly vehicles will increase.

As per the suggestion made by SIAM, the Govt. should come up with a scrappage policy covering private vehicles, commercial vehicles and two wheelers.

This may not appeal to a person who owns a car for the last 10-15 years and he or she would be reluctant to cooperate but the interesting part is that if a person is willing to sell his or her old car, the govt. will offer incentives in the form of lower excise duties, sales tax and also cash discounts.

S Sandilya further stated “The scrappage of vehicles will help in ‘greening’ the country. Also, we have to remember that new vehicles are not only more efficient but also more safer. In order to discourage people from running old polluting vehicles, the rate of road tax and rate of premium on motor vehicle insurance could be increased progressively with the age of the vehicle”

This indeed is a great step from SIAM and i hope the government implements it as soon as possible since it would help both the buyers and the environment.