TVS Develops New Automatic Transmission With Better Fuel Economy For Bikes And Scooters


TVS, the popular TVS Scooty manufacturer, has come up with something very interesting recently in Chennai. The company has announced that in 2013 a new species of gearless scooters and motorcycles equipping a newly developed engine will be launched.

The new engine features a number of innovations that are still pending for acquiring patents, and are meant for delivering 20 percent more fuel economy to gearless scooter owners and an easy riding experience, like that of a scooter, for motorcycle owners.

This new engine features an automatic transmission technology that will give more mileage to scooter owners while at the same time motorcycles fitted with this technology will not have clutch lever and gear and instead will use a button to change the gear. These motorcycles will also have the option to simply put the motorcycle into automatic mode where even the button will not have to be pressed and the gear will be changed automatically.


image – TVS Apache RTR for illustration only

Vinay Harne, president, new product development informed that the new technology if fully developed and is under testing. The engine has passed the elementary stages but testing under various climatic conditions and a full 100,000 km road endurance test is still to be conducted.

As of now a 110 CC four stroke engine has been developed with the new technology but it can be used to develop higher capacity engines, upto 250 CC, as well.

When asked about implementing the same in three wheelers, Harne said, “An engine with this technology can be applicable for three-wheelers as well as they also use a similar capacity engines. But our initial focus is on scooters followed by motorcycles.”

According to Harne the technology has been tested for several months and he is glad to tell that the end result was satisfactory.

Harne added, “The objective of this technology development is to deliver a compact engine layout, that will deliver enhanced fuel efficiency and which is usable across product forms like scooter, motorcycles and step – thru’ s. This technology also delivers the lowest CO2 in scooters while providing for low floor board and space for luggage.”

“An advanced cooling arrangement, which is based on the vehicle motion itself, avoids use of engine driven fan, thus minimizing the additional consumption of fuel. The improvement in engine efficiency is derived through friction reduction and multi map electronic ignition control, while transmission efficiency is boosted through the new ‘TVS Automatic Transmission’ technology” Harne said.

We are definitely looking forward to this technology and would love to see the company introducing it with TVS Apache RTR or a new motorcycle.

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