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Pushkar Hosts 3rd Northern Harley Owners Group Rally

From November 7-9th 2014, the  sand dunes of Pushkar, Rajasthan were carved by the mighty Harley-Davidson bikes with fierce passion of those that own these magnificient beasts. The H.O.G or Harley Owners Group was started in India around 2010, a year after the US based company brought its product to the Indian landscape. The 3rd Northern Harley Owners Group Rally was roaring with the 700 bikers that rode all the way from even Kochi and Chennai just to experience the unique feeling of being a part of the event.


Every H.O.G rally not only has exciting activities for the Harley owners but also has a tradition of the riders showcasing their unique and individual statement through their respectively owned customized bikes. The group works like a global charter that allows life-long relationships to grow, overnight trips that are spent in exchanging stories of rides that transformed them as people and exciting experiences on the road. The Harley Owners share a bond that was reaffirmed by the rally as they ride off to Khajurao in December 2014 for the Eastern Harley Owners Group Rally.

The Rally included a hot air balloon and helicopter ride over the dessert, an arm wrestling corner, a custom motorcycle zone and a pre-ride motorcycle maintenance. The bikers also enjoyed a fusion night amidst the dunes and the Hogs.

The new Harley-Davidson motorcycle- Breakout was a sight for sore eyes for the bikers and elated the spirits of all present, even more. The awe-inspiring Softail Cruiser was displayed at the 3rd Northern H.O.G Rally.


The bikers who put their heart and soul into the motorcycles were also commended by the Dealer Principal, Utkarsh Baxi, Dunes Harley-Davidson who said, “The passion and enthusiasm from customers for the brand continues to inspire us on delivering a great customer ownership experience in the state.” This only goes to show the two way relationship that has been developed over time and the endless enthusiasm that the H.O.G. members show.

The Director Dunes Harley-Davidson, Deepesh Tanwar took a step ahead to say that, “We look forward to organising many such rallies in Rajasthan” and that he encourages all the new and experienced riders to “celebrate self-expression on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles.”


The Harley Owners Group gives the bikers a life-time association with the brand and what it symbolizes. Many of them live to ride and wear their leather and the coveted patches with pride. In the backdrop of the sand and white tents the Harley Owners and their Hogs look regal and are definitely keeping the shiny side up.