Toyota Innova Crysta vs Renault Lodgy vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio

The MPV segment in India witnessed a mild shake-up last year with new entrants like the Renault Lodgy and the Maruti Ertiga facelift. Renault was hoping the Lodgy would follow the footsteps of the Duster and would become the second success story from the Indian subsidiary of famed European carmaker, but that hasn’t been the case. The decade-old Toyota Innova still led the pack. Private car buyers and fleet operators alike gave preference to the tried and tested MPV Japanese MPV. However, there’s an all-new Innova in town, which claims to be bigger, better and more premium than its competitors. Check out our Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio spec-sheet comparison to check out how these MPVs fare against each other

Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio

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Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio Price Comparison

Toyota hasn’t been very aggressive with the pricing of the Innova Crysta. Its starting price is around 5 lacs more than the Lodgy’s, 6 lacs more than the Ertiga’s and 5 lacs more than the Mobilio’s. However, one should bear in mind that that the Crysta is a more premium offering than the rest and boasts more interior space, better features, and a bigger size overall. And going by the initial sales numbers, the Innova seems to be a big hit among MPV buyers as it now sits at the top of the MPV pile in terms units sold per month.

Renault LodgyMaruti Ertiga


Toyota InnovaHonda Mobilio
STD 85 PSINR 8.55 lacs LDiINR 7.59 lacsGINR 13.90 lacsEINR 8.60 lacs
RxE 85 PSINR 9.37 LDi (O)INR 7.66 lacsGXINR 14.70 lacsSINR 9.36 lacs
RxL 85 PSINR 9.99 VDiINR 8.29 lacsGX ATINR 16.00 lacsVINR 10.55 lacs
RxZ 85 PSINR 10.99 ZDiINR 8.86 lacsVXINR 17.53 lacsV(O)INR 11.12 lacs
RxL 110 PSINR 10.41 lacs ZDi+INR 9.28 lacs ZX INR 19.48 lacsRSINR 11.69 lacs
RxZ 110 PSINR 11.95 lacs ZX AT INR 20.78 lacsRS(O)INR 12.25 lacs
RxZ Stepway 100 PSINR 12.68 lacs

Maruti’s Ertiga is the cheapest option out of the four. Even the top-spec ZDi+ trim doesn’t breach the 10 lacs mark.

All prices: Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi

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Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio Features Comparison

In terms of features, the Toyota Innova Crysta has no match, but then, you do shell out a hefty amount for all that kit. The Maruti Ertiga and the Renault Lodgy are equally matched when its comes to equipment levels. But the Mobilio lags behind slightly. It misses out on certain features like distance to empty, leather seats and audio streaming through phone via Bluetooth. Innova Crysta boasts of unique features like – 7 airbags, ambient mood lighting, LED DRLs, auto shut tailgate, auto fold function for the middle row and more. However, all these features come at a price as the top-end variants of the Innova cost more than 20 lacs on-road.

Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio 2015 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Facelift Official Pics
Maruti Ertiga is the cheapest MPV here

Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio Specifications Comparison

Lodgy is offered with a 1.5-litre diesel engine in two states of tune – 85 PS and 110 PS. In comparison, the facelifted Ertiga is powered by the Fiat-sourced 1.3-litre Multijet diesel engine. It has a maximum power output of 90 PS and also benefits from SHVS diesel hybrid tech. The Mobilio’s 1.5-litre iDTEC turbo-diesel engine produces 100 PS, but it feels very unrefined compared to its rivals. The new Toyota Innova comes with a 2.4 L and 2.8 L diesel engine options mated to a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic respectively. These engines are way ahead of the competition in terms of power and torque outputs, but also significantly more expensive. For now, the Innova Crysta does not come with a petrol engine option.


Toyota Innova CrystaRenault LodgyMaruti ErtigaHonda Mobilio
Type2.4 L Diesel2.8 L Diesel1.5 L Diesel1.3 L SHVS Diesel1.5 L Diesel
Displacement2,393 cc2755 cc1461 cc1248 cc1498 cc
Power150 PS174 bhp84/108 bhp89 bhp100 bhp
Torque343 Nm360 Nm200/245 Nm200 Nm200 Nm
Transmission5-speed MT6-speed AT5-speed MT/6-speed MT5-speed MT5-speed MT
Mileage15.10 kpl14.29 kpl21.04 kpl/19.98 kpl24.52 kpl24.2 kpl

The Ertiga Diesel benefits from Maruti’s mild hybrid tech, which means it is exempted from Delhi’s odd-even rule. The current ban on diesel cars with engine capacity more than 2000 cc means that the new Toyota Innova Crysta cannot be registered in Delhi-NCR.

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Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio Mileage Comparison

 Toyota Innova CrystaRenualt LodgyMaruti Ertiga Honda Mobilio
ARAI Mileage15.10/14.29 kpl21.04/19.98 kpl24.52 kpl24.2 kpl

Thanks to a comparatively smaller engine and use of mild hybrid tech, the Maruti Ertiga is the most fuel efficient of the lot. Followed by the Honda Mobilio, Renault Lodgy and finally the Toyota Innova Crysta. However, these figures are ARAI certified claimed mileage figures. Real world fuel efficiency will definitely be lower than what is mentioned in the table above.

Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio – Dimensions

The Renault Lodgy is a proper full-size MPV and has a wheelbase of 2810 mm, which even puts the Innova to shame! Measuring 4498 mm in length, the Lodgy is considerably longer than the Ertiga (4265 mm) and the Mobilio (4386 mm). It is 1751 mm wide, which is again significantly more than the Ertiga’s and Mobilio’s 1695mm and 1683mm respectively. When compared to the new Innova, the Lodgy is shorter and narrower. However, as we mentioned earlier, it has a longer wheelbase of 2810mm.

 Toyota Innova CrystaRenualt LodgyMaruti Ertiga Honda Mobilio
Length4735 mm4498 mm4265 mm4386 mm
Width1830 mm1751 mm1695 mm1683 mm
Height1795 mm1697 mm1685 mm1603 mm
Wheelbase2750 mm2810 mm2740 mm2652 mm

Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio Renault Lodgy Review By Car Blog India (4)
Renault Lodgy is the Longest


Toyota Innova Crysta – Garnet Red, Avant Grade Bronze, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Grey, Silver, Super White

Renault Lodgy – Royal Orchid, Planet Grey, Absolute Steel, Pearl White, Moonlight Silver, Indigo Breeze

Maruti Ertiga – Radiant Beige, Serene Blue, Silky Silver, Pearl Blue Blaze, Granite Grey, Superior White

Honda Mobilio – Crystal Black Pearl, Majestic Blue, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Brilliant Gold, Carnelian Red, Tafetta White, Urban Titanium

Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio – Verdict

With the current pricing, the Lodgy, which is a full-sized MPV, has a definite edge over all the other MPVs we’ve just talked about. It offers more space and better engine performance, for only a little more than what one needs to shell out for an Ertiga or a Mobilio. The Lodgy makes for an interesting ‘middle of the road’ alternative to most of its immediate rivals. However, none of the MPVs here can match the level of trust the Toyota Innova has been able to establish over the years. The Maruti Ertiga and Honda Mobilio might not be as spacious as the Innova or Lodgy, but they do possess a significant price advantage and a very strong brand image making them a very good buy.

Design – Looks are subjective so we will let you decide which of these MPVs is the prettiest of the lot. The Mobilio looks like a bloated Brio and features a very oddball dashboard design. Innova Crysta’s cabin is the most luxurious.

Features – Feature-rich Toyota Innova a bit too expensive. The rest are equally matched in terms of equipment levels.

Specifications – Toyota Innova’s engines are the biggest and most powerful. Ertiga is the most fuel efficient while the Lodgy’s 1.5 L unit offers decent performance. No petrol engine on offer for the Innova Crysta yet. Honda’s 1.5 L Diesel powering the Mobilio noisy and unrefined.

Price – Renault Lodgy and Maruti Ertiga are good value for money products. Toyota Innova Crysta is a bit too expensive.

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What do you think? Do you agree to our verdict on the Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio? Do let us know by penning your thoughts down in the comments section below. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Maruti Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio comparison.