Renault To Establish 70 Dealerships Network By 2013


Renault is eyeing at the Indian automobile market like no other brand and has extremely productive plans in its mind. As mentioned in our previous post the brand will initially enter with the Renault Fluence sedan and the Renault Koleos SUV

Renault Fluence

But can a company survive without a good dealership network? Well the answer is definitely not. So Renault is analyzing all the feasibilities of the number of dealerships it should start with and is planning to grow the network to 70 before 2013.

A company official had stated, "We have planned to introduce the ‘Fluence’ by mid 2011 and at that time we will have around 7-10 dealerships in the country… The dealerships would be operational in Tier I cities,"

"It works like this — by next year end we will have 30 dealerships… And in 2012 we will add another 30-35 dealerships. By 2013, there will be about 70 dealerships covering major cities and towns…," he added.

He also assured that if the response is overwhelming then the line up will also be increased to five cars by the year 2013.