Royal Enfield India 750 CC and 1000 CC Powerful Motorcycle Launch Plans Emerge


Our vey own and very Indian motorcycle brand, Royal Enfield has always impressed its buyers in India and regardless of what is going on in the two wheeler industry, the manufacturer’s charm has never seen an obstacle. Recently it was in news concerned with the official  launch of Royal Enfield Classic Chrome 500 expected anytime soon.

The latest news surrounding the brand is drawing a lot of attention over the internet and it reports that the brand is planning to introduce a new segment of Bullet motorcycles with engine capacities of 750 CC and 1000 CC. This is no joke and I can imagine many of the readers jumping off their seats after hearing this.


The boom that the Indian auto industry has shown and still showing is the only reason why manufacturers are betting big on something new, innovative and most importantly expensive, which was not possible a few years back. At present we have some of the leading motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson, Ducati, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki etc., in India and their products make us realize that the level of price consciousness has decreased drastically.

The current line-up with 350CC and 500CC monsters covers the price band from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 1.5 Lakh and we expect these machines to cost between Rs. 4 and Rs. 7 Lakh. As of yet no confirmation nod has been given by the brand on the reports, so we are unsure of what is to be introduced but stay tuned as we will update this section with the latest news on the same.

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  1. Dear Sirs: It is NOT good to “tease” Royal Enfield enthusiasts with plans and then NOT revealing EXACTLY what those plans are! There are TWO Royal Enfield-based motorcycles, already available to use by Royal Enfield, probably at nominal cost/royalty. The 700cc Vee-twin Enfield “Musket” (uses two 350cc bullet heads), and the Vee-twin Carberry-Enfield of 1,000cc, which uses the heads of two 500cc bulets. The Carberry-Enfield is already in production, and is sold all over the Earth. Because numbers/production is low, costs are high. The 350cc/500cc Bullets are too small for the USA Touring/commuting market, where motorcyclists will want to “jam” @ 80mph all day, a strain for even a “hot-rodded” 500cc. Bullets, “monsters” or not.

  2. RE should discontinue TB-350cc before launching TB-750
    TB-500 should be what it is now and
    TB-750 should be a V-Twin

    but if you can see the future the Govt is pushing higher norms for fuel-engine
    Indian govt may skip BS-V to BS-6/Euro-6

    BS VI standards are planned for 2025, but govt Skipped BS V to BS VI for 2020 itself
    this may result in BS 7 by as soon as 2025.

    so, automobile industry might try Hybrid engines soon
    4-wheeler automobiles already has either a prototype or have released a 100% clean fuel vehicles
    eg: Nissan Leaf, Tesla, Volvo etc

    Toyota has built a Truck running on hydrogen
    Even in India, Mahindra has e20 100% electric car and Scorpio a hybrid-engine car

    There are few companies having 100% electric bikes too
    BSA, mahindra etc
    Tork has a perfect commuter bike running on 100% electricity

    looking into all these shift
    TB-750 should be having a hybrid-whatever engine
    else it has its own fight to death

  3. I love bullet.but my height is pls sir when you launched new bullet pls think about small people.i love to ride bullet but I m not purchase because of my height.any solution


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