Royal Enfield Hitting Another Bike Shows Importance of Lane Discipline

The lane markings on Indian roads are not very prominent. This leads to some difficult situations for the vehicles to commute.

Here is a video compilation of the Royal Enfield bike crashing into other bikes on the roads. Now, this is not a funny story but some of these incidents are a result of improper lane discipline which leads to dangerous scenarios. Indian roads could throw up surprises at you at any time. Hence, you must always be extra aware and conscious when you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle on the road. This video on YouTube captures many such instances where the Royal Enfield is seen performing some undesirable stunts on the road for various reasons.

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Royal Enfield Crashing Bike

In the first clip, it seems that the biker is riding straight but an auto cuts it from the left side. Due to the suddenness of it, the biker couldn’t control himself and bangs into the auto directly. It seems that there was not much damage to either party. The second clip clearly shows the result of being careless on the road. The rider is recording a video, maybe for a vlog or something. He takes his eyes off the road and ends up kissing the rear of another bike (no pun intended). The third clip is a bit dangerous. The guy is riding and is about to negotiate a corner when the rear of his bike slips and he falls right in front of a bus. He must’ve thanked his stars as the bus driver was able to apply brakes timely.

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Royal Enfield Crashing Bike

The fourth clip shows what happens when other drivers on the roads don’t follow lane discipline. An auto driver comes in front of the bike without checking his rearview mirror. The biker was not able to control the bike due to sudden braking. The tyres of the bike skid and the biker and the pillion rider fall on the road. No wonder the auto driver decided to flee the scene. The last clip is different in the sense that it is a stray dog that causes the accident. The biker hits the stray dog lying on the road and the bike hits the ground. The rider seems to be fine and the dog also survived.

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