Another Royal Enfield Himalayan Chassis Breaks Into Two

The Royal Enfield Himalayan chassis collapses are getting more frequent. In a shocking incident, one more chassis broke while riding.

The RE Himalayan is one of the most popular bikes for an off-roading adventure. It is known for its rugged build quality. However, the lightweight construction does not seem to hold up in real-life situations. Recently, a Royal Enfield Himalayan was spotted with a broken chassis. Now, another chassis collapsed mid-way while riding. This incident was shared on the Car Blogger YouTube channel. Let’s take a closer look at the damaged chassis of the Royal Enfield Himalayan!

As you can see in the video above, the shocking incident occurred in Kolkata. The owner was driving in the city when the chassis suddenly broke. Several injuries were sustained by the driver. Since he was driving at a slow speed, the damage was not serious. However, this kind of fault is quite unacceptable for a bike that is aimed at off-roading enthusiasts. While minor defects can be ignored, the entire chassis splitting in two is scary. It could have led to serious consequences for the rider if they were driving at high speed. The company needs to take this issue seriously and act on it.

Another Royal Enfield Himalayan Chassis Breaks While Riding

The RE Himalayan chassis features a Half-Duplex split Cradle Frame with Telescopic Front Suspension. It has a 200 mm travel and mono-shock rear suspension with 180 mm travel. While the 21-inch front tire has a 300 mm disc brake with 2 pistons floating caliper, the 17-inch rear tire gets a 240 mm disc with a single-piston floating caliper. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is the go-to choice among off-roading or road trip enthusiasts. It is also an aspirational bike for many people. The new chassis issues don’t send a good sign to bike-riding lovers.

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The Royal Enfield Himalayan is powered by a 411 cc Air-Cooled Single-Cylinder SOHC Engine that offers 24.3 hp and 32 Nm of peak power and torque, respectively. The 5-speed constant mesh gearbox comes with a wet multi-plate clutch with Digital Electronic Ignition and Electronic Fuel Injection. The fuel tank is 15 liters. There is a Dual Channel ABS with Rear Wheels ABS Deactivation Control. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is priced at Rs 2.05 lakh – Rs 2.13 lakh (ex-showroom).

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