Cops Run a Road Roller Over Loud Illegal Exhausts of Royal Enfield Bikes

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Cops in many states catch Royal Enfield bikes with after-market loud exhausts. Crush the exhaust pipes under a road roller after breaking them using a hammer

Tell me, don’t you hate it when some motorcycle (mostly a Royal Enfield model) with a really loud exhaust revs past your residence on a quiet evening? Also, isn’t it even worse when such loud exhaust notes startle you on the road? Well, it seems like such bikers have finally come under the scanner of local traffic cops. It has come to light that traffic police in the cities of Pune, Mysore, Bengaluru and in some cities of Kerala have started slapping a fine on any motorcyclist with a loud exhaust.Offenders are being fined under the Section 190 (2) of Motor Vehicle Act. Not just this, a recent batch of images from Bangalore show cops crushing exhaust pipes of Royal Enfield motorcycles under a Road Roller.

royal enfield exhaust cops

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These images have been shared by Bangalore Police on their official page on Facebook. This is what the image caption reads- “Special squad of @AcpSe traffic police has seized 11 bikes & fined them after removing their modified defective silencers.” Cops in Bengaluru have started breaking the exhausts using a hammer and then damaging them permanently by running a road roller over them. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, anyone using an exhaust that causes public nuisance can be fined up to Rs 1,000. However, this act of removing the exhausts right on the spot and damaging them should prove as a major deterrent to users of such silencers.

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In another event, Sarang Awad, Deputy Commissioner, Traffic Police, Pune started a noise pollution reduction drive last month. This drive, which lasted three days, saw various offenders being challanned for using loud exhausts. On the first day of this drive, as many as 43 challans were issued, thereby generating a total amount of Rs 11,200 in fines. 88 challans were issued on the second day, which led to the generation of Rs 17,700 in fines. On the third day, 49 challans were issued and a sum of Rs 7,300 was collected in fines.

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What’s your take on the actions being taken against users of loud exhausts on Royal Enfields and other bikes? Share your views with us by penning them down in the comments section below. Also, stay tuned to CarBlogIndia for the latest news on cars and motorcycles.

royal enfield exhaust cops royal enfield exhaust cops royal enfield exhaust cops

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  1. Super work by the cops….hope, this is used by other states also. Also, removing loud disturbing sound horns of other bikes too.

  2. Excellent job. Loud exhausts cause lot of nuisance not only to normal people, but also to elders and kids and babies. These bikers travel at high speed with loud exhaust in the middle of the night, or early morning causing noise pollution. Pune has seen so many such vehicles that keeping a count would be a challenge. I would urge cops to be more strict and keep up the good work. We all appreciate the hard work that the cops put in and hats off to them for that !

  3. It will be great help to ailing-elderly people if RTO can enforce the law strongly for SUPER BIKES crossing 100decibles noise level.


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