Royal Enfield 650-700CC Parallel Twin Motorcycle For India


Its been more than 5 decades since Royal Enfield came into existence in India and ever since its launch the company’s popularity has been gaining new heights. With Royal Enfield Bullet 350CC being the first one on the company’s product line-up, a new definition was provided for the word motorcycles which was later redefined with the introduction of its younger but powerful sibling Royal Enfield Bullet 500CC.

The company grew and grew and at this point of time the line-up is as attracting as it can get. Royal Enfield Electra and Royal Enfield Thunderbird are the recent editions and with so many brutal machines to offer no customer looking for a powerful chopper would go anywhere else. Talking about the future plans, the company is said to be working on a newer and more powerful motorcycle with a displacement of 650 to 700CC . The orientation will also be different from the existing and is expected to be a parallel twin one.


Royal Enfield’s CEO Dr. Venki Padmanabhan at the Progressive International Motorcycle show in New York said, “The company plans a model range which will be powered by parallel twins displacing 650-700cc of volume” Mr. RL Ravichandran, RE’s Chief Executive recently told NDTV that “we feel it will be good to go for a twin,” but added that idea was “in the conceptual stage.”

Very predictable is the reason for such bike which is that global manufacturers like Harley Davidson has already entered the Indian market with a product line-up ranging between Rs.5 to Rs.35 Lakh and is a potential competitor. And probably after Harley other manufacturers will also switch to the Indian market therefore raising the level of competition.

Customers after hearing this will definitely anticipate a lot and they should be since the launch of such a powerful machine from Enfield will be as exciting for the eagerly waiting buyers as it would be for the company.