Is Skoda Kushaq Worth Buying? – Pros and Cons

“Should I Buy Skoda Kushaq?” – This is a question that has passed through the minds of many compact SUV buyers in India. Here’s a definite buying guide to help you decided if the latest Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos rival is worth buying

Skoda has recently launched its much-awaited mid-size SUV, the Kushaq, in India. The Czech carmaker is pinning all its hopes on this product to revive and actually grab a large chunk of market share in our market which is something that Skoda had always wanted but never quite got. With heavy levels of localization with the Kushaq, Skoda had managed to keep the prices in check, which is the first step towards gaining attraction from the potential customers. This has been made possible only due to the Indianized MQB A0 IN platform on which the Kushaq and many other upcoming cars/SUVs will be based. Additionally, the service centre network and cost of ownership were some of the critical factors which kept the customers on the fence about buying a Skoda product. It has worked a lot in that department as well and has a dense dealership and service network across various cities now. All said and done, let’s come to the million-dollar question – Is Skoda Kushaq Worth Buying? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Skoda Kushaq to help you find your answer.

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Is It Worth Buying Skoda Kushaq? | Should I Buy Skoda Kushaq?
Is It Worth Buying Skoda Kushaq? | Should I Buy Skoda Kushaq?

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Should I Buy Skoda Kushaq?

In case you wonder is Skoda Kushaq a good car and should be purchased over its immediate rivals (read: Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos), here are some pointers that highlight the positives of the new SUV-

  • The Kushaq, first of all, is a brilliant-looking SUV that carries forth the typical modern design theme from the brand. Skoda has used this design language in all of its modern cars even in the international markets. So, one is getting the absolute modern looks with the Kushaq.
  • The sheer driving pleasure that one can extract out of the legendary TSI turbo petrol engines from house VW is simply exquisite. This engine, in some iterations, has received plenty of rewards and accolades from enthusiasts and critics alike for being one of the best engines out there. These engines, combined with great handling characteristics, result in an absolute delight for the one driving the Kushaq. So if you love to drive your own car, it almost can’t get better than this.
  • There are plenty of smart bits in the Kushaq, which Skoda likes to “Simply Clever” features. This includes things like a Smartphone holder, Ticket Pocket, Umbrella Holders inside the Doors, Smart Trunk with Plenty of Hooks for easy arrangement of luggage and much more. Such features make sure that the cabin of the Kushaq stands apart from its competitors.
  • Safety is something that Skoda takes very seriously as well. The feature of the multi-collision braking ensures that the electronics of the car interface in case of an unwanted accident where the driver fails to apply the brakes efficiently and properly. Or when there are cases of multiple collisions due to the traffic conditions, the car will apply the brakes automatically to ensure that further collisions are avoided. It should be noted that the Skoda Kushaq NCAP rating is yet to be revealed but we’re quite sure it would be among the highest in the segment.
  • Competitive pricing is another factor that plays into the hands of Skoda with the Kushaq. A heavy level of localization has ensured low costs of spare parts and manufacturing. This is an integral element of selling any product in India where the customers are very price-conscious and want the maximum value for their money. Due to the localization of the components, Skoda has ensured that the Kushaq is priced at par with the competitors.
  • Developing a dense service and sales dealership network across various cities of the country is something that Skoda Group has worked on for a long time. Earlier, one of the main reasons to avoid buying a Skoda product was that there were no service centres nearby if you are living anywhere apart from the main cities. This restricted the mass reach of the Skoda products and as a result, the Czech carmaker never saw the kind of sales figures it would’ve wanted.

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All these factors should be definitely considered in case you’ve been wondering is Skoda Kushaq worth buying. These points are some of the strong suits of the new model. Now, let us also take into consideration some of the factors why one might be inclined towards any one of Kushaq’s competitors.

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Are Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos Better Than Skoda Kushaq?

  • The lack of a diesel powertrain in this segment can be a bit of a bummer for a lot of customers who typically are looking for a diesel-powered SUV. All the other players in this space have diesel powertrains in their lineup. In fact, the popular Tata Harrier comes with a sole diesel engine option and all the others come with both petrol and diesel options.
  • The overall dimensions and boot space of the Skoda Kushaq are substantially less than all of its competitors. While the wheelbase is still more than some others in the segment, the boot compartment is the smallest. This could be a point of contention for a whole lot of potential buyers who are interested in a family SUV with large boot space and dominating road presence.
  • The pricing, although competitive and at par with the rivals, is still on the higher side especially considering the fact that at almost the same price, the competitors do offer a lot more goodies and flexibility in terms of powertrains and features.
  • The interior cabin doesn’t feel as modern and attractive as some of the rivals. SUVs like the Creta, Seltos, Harrier and Hector have stylish interiors and features compared to the Kushaq. Also, a full-digital driver’s instrument cluster could be a huge miss of an SUV of this segment. This is offered in almost all of the products these days even a segment below.

Is Skoda Kushaq Worth Buying?

Above is our compilation of the various pros and cons of the Skoda Kushaq and we hope that this quick buying guide would help you make up your mind about whether you are willing to go for the Skoda Kushaq or not. It must be mentioned here that a majority of the factors mentioned above are very subjective and might not necessarily be similar for everyone. That is why you can choose which factors are relevant and important for you to make up your mind and which factors you are willing to overlook. If you ask for our review, well, we believe that the Kushaq is a world-class car that has enough going for it but its pricing, lack of some important features and no diesel engine option make it a lesser value product than the Kia Seltos and the Hyundai Creta. In fact, pricing is something that might end up playing the role of a major deterrent for many SUV buyers. It must be mentioned here that in terms of dimensions, the Kushaq lags behind Kia Seltos and Creta. It also doesn’t offer as many features, with the omission of connected car technology sticking out as a sore thumb. Also, with most SUV buyers in the C-segment still willing to choose a diesel engine over the petrol, the Kushaq ends up with less impressive specs. So, finally, is Skoda Kushaq a good car? Yes, but is it worth your money? Not necessarily.

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