Skoda Kushaq Smokes Mahindra Scorpio in Classic Drag Race

Car News » Skoda Kushaq Smokes Mahindra Scorpio in Classic Drag Race

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This is arguably the first drag race on YouTube between a Skoda Kushaq and Mahindra Scorpio (last-gen). Now, the Kushaq is known for being a great driver’s car with its peppy and capable 1.0-litre TSI engine. Driving enthusiasts generally opt for Kushaq in this segment solely for this reason. On the other hand, the Scorpio is a rugged SUV that is known for being capable off the tarmac. Nevertheless, it has the power advantage which is what makes this drag race so interesting. Let us see who comes out on top.

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Skoda Kushaq vs Mahindra Scorpio Drag Race

For the first attempt, the YouTuber takes the Scorpio while his friend takes the Kushaq. They decide to keep the Traction Control OFF in the Kushaq and AC ON in both vehicles. In the beginning, the Scorpio leaps ahead with a strong low-end performance but the Kushaq is not too far behind. However, within a few seconds, Kushaq catches up and takes the decisive lead to win the first round comfortably. For the second round, it is decided that the AC in the Scorpio will be turned OFF to give it a slight advantage.

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As a result, the competition is quite intense and close for a long time before the top-end of the Kushaq comes into play after a speed of around 90 km/h. The Kushaq takes an unassailable lead at that point to finish at the pole position. Finally, to give the ultimate advantage to the Scorpio, there are 3 people in the Kushaq with AC ON and 1 person in the Scorpio with AC OFF. With such a huge disadvantage, the Kushaq eventually loses but the race was still so close. Had there been a longer stretch of road, Kushaq would’ve still won the event.

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mahindra scorpio vs skoda-kushaq drag race
Mahindra Scorpio vs Skoda Kushaq drag race

We would like to advise our readers to NOT indulge in such drag race events. The people doing these are semi-professionals and take a lot of precautions behind the scenes. You must not imitate them for the sake of your safety, your vehicle’s safety and the safety of everyone around. Make sure to follow traffic rules to ensure road safety.

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