Skoda Yeti Low Cost Models With Smaller Engines Launch In India Soon


Skoda is working on bringing more variants of Skoda Yeti SUV with lower engine capacity. The idea behind bringing the lower capacity engines is to cut down the cost by up to Rs. 2 Lakh to make it’s a better deal. Since the sales of Skoda Yeti have not been to encouraging for Skoda India, having lower priced options will help attract the customers who go for other options because of the price of Yeti. The present models of Yeti have a 2 litre CRDI Diesel engine with a peak power of 140 BHP and 320 Nm of torque. The low cost Yeti may features smaller diesel engines of 1.4 to 1.6 Litre capacity with a max power ranging between 100 to 120 BHP and about 200 to 250 Nm of torque.

Skoda Yeti

Along with the engine, these can be some strip-downs on the transmission and interiors as well. There might be some gadgetry trimmed down to cut the cost to appropriate levels to make Skoda Yeti a more affordable SUV for more customers.

The price of Skoda Yeti base variant start around Rs. 15.40 Lakhs, with a potential cut of close to Rs. 2 lakh, the prices will come down close to Rs. 13 Lakhs which will make it an attractive buy to the customers opting for lower cost SUVs. Skoda has been adapting itself gradually to Indian needs eventually, with the new Skoda Fabia which has been made more affordable, the new small car which is lined up for 2013 launch, with the low cost Yeti variants and other luxury sedans in various segments by Skoda provide a high value for money features with high quality.

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  1. […] Low Cost Skoda Yeti by Skoda India is also expected to break covers at the Auto Expo 2012. It may or may not be a launch,  as Skoda may unveil it at the Auto Expo and launch it a couple of months later. The picture will be clear in sometime. What is expected both Petrol and Diesel Low cost variants of Skoda Yeti. Skoda Yeti has been a great performer, but because of its pricing, I could not clock much of sales since its launch in Jan 2010. With the low cost front wheel drive variants, Yeti will be priced attractively to make it more attractive buy in a lower price segment. Check out more – Skoda Yeti Low Cost Models With Smaller Engines Launch In India Soon. […]


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