Speed Limit In India Revised to 70 kmph!


Most cities in India allow you to drive around at 40-50kmph limit. The speed limit in India has been revised by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway up to 70 kmph.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, Nitin Gadkari passed a bill earlier this week to revise the speed limit in India up to 70 kmph. Earlier this month, the same ministry issued a draft to link the Pollution Under Control (PUC) to its central depository of vehicle identity, Vahan. In a random audit done by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) 35 percent Pollution Control Centres (PCCs) were found guilty of multiple irregular practices. While the government has plans to build over 83,000 km of new roads. The Bharatmala scheme alone includes 34,800 km of highways requiring INR 5.35 lakh crore in funds. These new highways will allow for higher speed and faster connectivity. Want to know more about the new speed limit in India, read along.

Speed Limit In India – New Limit

Speed Limit In India

Most of us believe the city speed limit to be 60 kmph. When fined at 59 kmph, we often wonder why would we be limited to 50 kmph. Even cars deliver the best mileage around 60-70 kmph. While the state government set to decide the speed limit they want to enforce, it is capped by the ministry’s unit. Back in 2007, a law was proposed to set the nationwide speed limit to 100 kmph for cars and 65 kmph to bikes, which sadly, was not implemented. After 11 years of re-thinking, the ministry has finally passed the order to revise the speed limit in India to 70 kmph. The very ministry revised the speed limit of expressways to 120 kmph earlier this year.

Speed Limit In India – The Catch

While the ministry has approved the bill to revise the speed limit in India to 70 kph, the states are allowed to decide the speed limit of a certain road considering the safety of the users and road conditions. This translates to the local authorities implementing a lower speed limit around schools and residential areas. The revised limit to 70 kmph will lie in the hands of the local authorities to implement in their individual areas. While the speed limit in India revised for passenger vehicles is 70 kmph. The cargo vehicles and two-wheelers also get new speed limit of 60 kmph and 50 kmph respectively.

Speed Limit In India – Implementation

While the government keeps revising or introducing new laws, the fact remains that they are seldom implemented. Especially in rural and semi-urban areas, there are zero checks when it comes to road speed limit, use and condition. Then comes to the question of road safety. Does revise the speed limit in India is the solution to all problems? Certainly not. Road users need to be educated to follow rules and regulations. Road disciplines line Lane Driving, keeping a safe distance need to be implemented too. What are your views on the same, mention your comments in the box below.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

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