Supreme Court Of India Stops Bengal Govt. To Distribute Tata Plant’s Singur Land Back To Farmers


After Tata Motor’s petition in the High court of Kolkata got rejected on 22 June 2011, Tata Motors approached Supreme court of India against Bengal Govt. took back the Tata Motor’s Singur Plant land from it. After Mamata Banarjee came into power in the state, a new legislation was passed to take back the land from Tata Motors and re-distribute it to the farmers. As per Tata Motors, this action of taking back the land is not justified as the land was allotted to Tata Motors by the Govt. of Bengal for developing its automobile plant there.


In a recent development, on 29th June 2010, Supreme Court of India has put a stay order on distribution of the land back to the farmers as of now. The Supreme court has asked the Bengal Govt. to wait until further orders from Kolkata High Court.

There will be further legal proceedings in this case until the matter is resolved in the favour of either the Govt. of Bengal or Tata Motors.

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