Suzuki ABS/CBS Prices for all its Motorcycles and Scooters Revealed

Suzuki has announced ABS/CBS on all its bikes and scooter across the range to confirm to the latest safety regulations enforced in the country.

Suzuki Motorcycles and Scooters India have announced ABS as standard fitment on all its bikes and scooters across the range. They have listed their current range of bikes and scooters with ABS or CBS on their website. The Japanese Motorcycle brand has five bikes and three scooters in its portfolio in India.

Suzuki Burgman
Suzuki Burgman

Suzuki just launched the new Gixxer SF 250 that comes with dual-channel ABS. In fact, the Gixxer SF 250 is the only bike that gets dual-channel ABS. All the other bikes get single-channel ABS. Suzuki also introduced the new generation Gixxer SF 150 along with its elder 250 sibling.

Along with the new ABS and CBS equipped bikes and scooters, there are also some two-wheelers listed on the website that do not come with any of these safety equipment. These are the bikes from the leftover stocks before the ABS deadline and Suzuki is looking to clear them certainly. Also listed are a few discontinued scooters.

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The price difference between a non-CBS and a CBS equipped scooter varies from Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 1,800. Similarly, the price difference between a non-ABS and ABS equipped motorcycle varies between Rs. 6,330 to Rs. 7,300. Here’s a quick look at the updated price list of the ABS/CBS equipped scooters and motorcycles :

Model  Price ex-showroom, Delhi
CBS-equipped Scooters  
Access 125 (Drum) Rs 55,977
Access Drum with CBS Rs 57,219
Access Disc Rs 58,350
Access with Disc and CBS Rs 60,188
Suzuki Access 125 SE with Disc Rs 60,046
Suzuki Access 125 SE with Disc and CBS Rs 61,788
Suzuki Burgman Street with Disc and CBS  Rs 69,208
ABS-equipped motorcycles
Gixxer with Disc Rs 81,550
Gixxer with Disc and ABS Rs 88,941
Gixxer SP with Disc Rs 82,607
Gixxer SP with Disc and ABS Rs 88,941
Old Gixxer SF SP with FI and ABS Rs 101,906
New Gixxer SF with FI and ABS Rs 109,870
Intruder with Carb and ABS Rs 101,362
Intruder with FI and ABS Rs 108,162

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