New Suzuki Swift USA Launch Date Pushed Further


We all are aware of the success that the Swift has pursued in the Indian Automobile market and is still giving a tough competition to all its foes with the new Maruti Suzuki Swift Glam limited edition model. The car has been loved much in our country and Suzuki has planned to re-launch the car in the US.

2011 Maruti Suzuki Swift

The 2001 model was the last one to be sold in the US and was later pulled off for some reasons and the company had planned to re-launch it during this Autumn. News is coming that the company has delayed its plans of re-launching Swift to next year.

The car has been modified in accordance with the US market but the its success or failure is still unpredictable, the company says.Takuma Mizuyoshi, Suzuki’s spokesman said, “At the moment, if the exchange rate continues like it is, we couldn’t expect very much profit.So that’s a concern right now.”

We suspect that this delay might have something to do with the Volkswagen and Suzuki deal sometime back which might be a reason for rework on the car launch strategies in certain markets.

Talking about the US market the company has suffered a lot since it could not re-launch the car on time which the same seeks to compensate in a year or two.

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